A drive around the Big Island, Hawaii

This is the last blog post on our trip to Hawaii until our next visit, which may come sooner than expected. More on that later.

I have been looking at my screen for the last 10 minutes wondering how I can possibly wrap up this series of posts on such a beautiful and awe inspiring place. Hawaii was not at all what I expected of a Polynesian archipelago, but it was absolutely fantastic. Two weeks were not enough to explore the amazing environmental diversity of each island. There are layers upon layers of local history and hidden gems everywhere, waiting to be uncovered.

I found a lot of peace and serenity in the Big Island and an unexplainable sense of belonging. I can’t wait to go back and hope you too, can visit it, love it and share your stories.

I leave you with some pictures from our drive around the island.

Happy Xploring!

Mrs. GL

Driving across Big Island from Waimea.
Driving across Big Island from Waimea.
Hilo, Hawaii, Big Island, Travel, Blog
Driving to Hilo
Hawaii, Akaka Falls, Hiking, Big Island
Akaka Falls State Park
Akaka Falls State Park, Hiking, Hawaii, Big Island, Travel
Akaka Falls State Park
Hawaii, Big Island, Akaka Falls, Hiking, Travel
Banana Tree in Akaka Falls State Park
Hawaii Cliff Cave, Big Island, South Point, Travel, Ocean
South Point Ocean Cliffs


South Point, Hawaii, Travel, Ocean, Big Island
Southernmost Tip of the US
Hawaii, Travel, Blog, Big Island
Drive by photographing- This is how I shoot when I have already used up all of my allotment of “Honey, can we stop?”


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