Camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

We’ve had yet another amazing weekend camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This park is a lot closer to our home than the other parks we usually camp in, but this trip was a last minute, spur of the moment thing. Campgrounds in parks in Colorado book 6 months in advance so any time I can find a last minute cancellation, I jump on it.

We had already hiked this park several times before, more notably a 8-mile hike pre-pregnancy that lasted several hrs and was quite brutal. You see, this park doesn’t have any easy trails. They all start at moderate to very difficult. And as I am finding out, that definition is very loosely assigned. Moderate in layman’s terms in Colorado means: you will break a good sweat and at times ask yourself “Why are we doing this?”.

But with everything in life, there is always an upside. In this case, the camping ground at Golden Gate Canyon State Park is more developed than most parks in Colorado including flush toilets, showers and even a laundry room. All RV sites include electric power.

On our first day we didn’t do much aside from setting up, taking a very short hike (Racoon Trail- loop to the campground) and enjoying a good fire.

On our second day, we drove up to Dude’s Fishing Hole trail and hiked it. It was a nice short hike to a beautiful pond. We enjoyed resting there for while before heading back up the trail. We were going to enjoy a bike race that was happening in the park as well, but we had to hike to the road to see it and it started raining so we took a nap instead.

On our final day, we hiked the Racoon trail again, this time to Panorama point. This was a beautiful trail, however a little more difficult than we were told. It was uphill for the majority of the trail, but the views were amazing! I just wished we would have hiked it counter clockwise so we would have been mostly downhill. The park ranger we talked to somehow neglected to give us this very valuable piece of information.

As a result to us underestimating the trail we were in panic mode checking out of the campground. But everything worked out just fine.

Another great weekend with the fam camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. To watch the vlogs, click here.

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