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My last destination in China was Shanghai. Shanghai felt very different from Beijing. It felt European and cosmopolitan. There are old parts, but it is also very modern and hip. If you have a day or two in this city, here are: 3 things to do in Shanghai   Stroll the Bund […]

China: 3 Things to Do in Shanghai

I mentioned before on this post that I happened to be in Japan, South Korea and China during the 70th Year Celebration of the end of World War II. For someone with very little knowledge of Asia’s involvement in the war, the whole experience was eye-opening. Not only to learn […]

China: Military Parade

5 Things to do in Xi'an
If you have time to travel around China, one of the places you should include in your list is the city of Xi’an. Here are my top 5 Things to Do in Xi’An: Visit the Terracota Army Museum If there is one thing that you must not miss in Xi’an is the […]

5 Things to Do in Xi’An, China

5 Things to do in Xi'an
After a few days in Beijing, I said good-bye to my cousin who had met me for part of the trip and while she went to Hong Kong, I headed to Xi’an. I had seen so many pictures of the Terracota Army and couldn’t imagine leaving China without seeing it […]

Xi’An: Terracota Army

Have you ever thought about eating bugs and other weird foods while traveling abroad? I never had the urge, but I find fascinating that many people do. Sure I will try the local cuisine, as long it doesn’t involve bugs and other “weird foods” that I would never eat under […]

Eating Weird Foods in Beijing

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Since the Forbidden City was closed during my stay in Beijing, I visited the lesser known Yonge or Lama Temple, a Tibetan Buddhism temple that managed to survive the cultural revolution. As temple goes, once you’ve seen a few, you seen it all, but the Lama Temple had a cozy […]

Lama Temple

I visited Beijing during the national celebration of the 70th Anniversary since the end of the World War II. This is a big deal in China. So big that preparations for a military parade were done weeks in advance and both Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City were closed and […]

Beijing: Very Forbidden City

How could I ever visit China and not go to one of the most iconic places on Earth? I just couldn’t! The Great Wall of China was on my must-do list of attractions and even though I read that it’s super crowded, most of it is rebuilt and not original, […]

Great Wall of China: Mutianyu

Chinese Emperors were not playing around when they ordered their palaces built. While I visited the Summer Palace in Beijing, I kept wondering what would have been like to have that kind of power, money and privilege that only a few families have been able to maintain through the years- […]

Summer Palace in Beijing