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Can someone pinch me? It’s time for Roark’s 5 months update! If you new here, be sure to check out previous posts on his birth, my birth story and previous updates here and here. How is it that when you want time to go faster it never does, but when […]

Roark’s 5 Months Update

Spring Haul for Moms
Hello friends! I am not sure if I should be doing a post for Spring Haul for Moms because for the past few days it has felt like fall around here. It’s been grey, chilly and raining. Nothing like May should feel like in my opinion. But regardless of what […]

Spring Haul for Moms

4 Makeup Products I am obsessed about, beauty, makeup, cosmetics, must have, blogger
Hi friends! So this is a little different post than I have written in the past. For those that come to the blog for travel posts only, please bear with me. I am re-arranging things a bit lately on the blog to include this new phase of our lives. If […]

4 Makeup Products I Am Obsessing About

On my previous post I wrote that our lives have changed┬ásignificantly in the past few months. It will change even more by the end of the year with our baby’s arrival. There were other changes in our lives as well that were not pregnancy related. One travel related change that […]

We bought a travel trailer

Flatirons Vista Trail Since we moved to Colorado and started exploring nearby areas, we have visited the city of Boulder a few times. The first time we drove there, we happened to drive past the Flatirons and marveled at the sheer magnitude of these jagged plates of Earth and the […]

Flatirons Vista Trail: Hike of the week 3/52

Quit my job. Quit your job. 15
If you read my previous posts about moving to Colorado and making changes to my life, the fact that I quit my job is not news to you. As a former CORPaholic, my life has changed significantly in the past several months in ways I had never considered. Maybe it […]

7 Lessons I learned after I quit my job

Peace love and Margaritas
Have you ever spent your holidays somewhere tropical? We have and although is awesome to spend Christmas laying on a stretch of white sand, overlooking the big blue ocean, drinking a margarita, it’s also strange if you are used to spending it in colder climates. In one of our trips […]

Christmas in the tropics?

12 Days of Blogging
  It’s been a while since the last post and apologize for that. So much has been going on our non-virtual life that it has been hard to keep up with the blog. This past month has been amazing and extremely busy. If you follow us on Instagram, you know […]

12 Days of Blogging!

Roxborough Park Colorado 1
It has been a couple weeks since we finally made our way across the┬ácountry to our beautiful new home state of Colorado. Since then, we have been really busy trying to find a house to buy, deciding on mortgage companies, selling our old house and getting acclimated to our new […]

We have moved. Now what?