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We’ve had yet another amazing weekend camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This park is a lot closer to our home than the other parks we usually camp in, but this trip was a last minute, spur of the moment thing. Campgrounds in parks in Colorado book 6 months […]

Camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

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Last weekend we took a two day road trip to Loveland with baby R to participate in the festivities of the Fire and Ice Festival. It takes place every year in the “sweetheart city” around Valentine’s Day. Since we have a little one now, we decided to stay the night in […]

Road trip to Loveland, Colorado

We just came back from Washington State and had such a great time in the Olympic National Forest. What a beautiful place! If you stalk, I mean follow, some creatives from the Pacific Northwest Coast, you know about the lush greenery, the ever present fog and rain. The whole place […]

3 Things to Do in the Olympic National Forest

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One of my favorite activities to do when I am close to the sea is to go Whale Watching, so when I found out that there are whales year round in Southern California, I just had to visit Newport Beach to see them. I’ve been fortunate to have seen whales […]

Whale Watching in Southern California

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My week in California was not restricted to Los Angeles alone. Located about 3 hrs from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is the top destination for rock climbers, hikers, campers and nature dwellers in the Southern California area. Although to truly explore Joshua Tree National Park you need at least a […]

How to spend a day in Joshua Tree National Park

The Paint Mines of Calhan I first saw pictures of the Paint Mines on Instagram and as a photography lover does, I had to research it and then drive to see it. Colorado keeps surprising me with little known places, and many people don’t realize that the Colorado topography is […]

Paint Mines : Hike of the week 12/52

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Eldorado Canyon State Park Eldorado Canyon State Park is located close to Boulder and is easily accessible from Denver as well. The park is small, but it’s a favorite with hikers and climbers alike. South Boulder Creek runs in the middle of the park and provides a relaxing background noise […]

Eldorado Canyon State Park : Hike 11/52

Bear Lake Trail : 9,475 ft Inside the Rocky Mountains National Park, this trail is one of the most accessible, high elevation lake hikes I have found in Colorado. With a beautiful drive into the park and a short walk to the alpine lake, Bear Lake Trail is so easy […]

Bear Lake Trail: Hike of the week 6/52

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Most travelers have trips that turned out to be a nightmare. Instead of feeling like becoming a nomadic bum in an idyllic beach, you just can’t wait to leave. Unfortunately a bad trip is like a butchered first impression or disappointing one night stand. It just leaves you with regret […]

Why we will never go back to Cozumel