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This 6 months baby update is a little late since we were traveling in Brazil and I just didn’t get the chance to do it before we left. Roark turned six as we were traveling and it seems like the past 2 months have been the ones he has developed […]

6 Months Baby Update

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Can someone pinch me? It’s time for Roark’s 5 months update! If you new here, be sure to check out previous posts on his birth, my birth story and previous updates here and here. How is it that when you want time to go faster it never does, but when […]

Roark’s 5 Months Update

Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months, Favorite Baby products from Birth to 3 months, baby, parenting, tips, tricks, product review, baby essentials, what you need for baby
Before having a baby I knew nothing of the vast world of baby products. I mean nothing! I thought I would be able to get by with a crib, a car seat, clothes, diapers, wipes and the boob. And although these things are super important, they are really just the […]

Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months

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Hello Friends! Recently we came back from California and took Roark on his first plane ride. Traveling with a baby is a whole different ballgame than traveling as a couple and there were a few things we did during this trip that really worked for us, so I thought I […]

Tips for Traveling with a Baby

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It is time for Baby Haul 6-9 Months! Before Roark was born, I was researching high and low for how many pieces of clothes I should buy per age range. I found a variety of lists that I used to gauge my shopping, but none of them actually explained that […]

Baby Haul 6-9 Months

Baby 3-4 months update, baby, motherhood, parenting, mom, baby boy, baby update, blogger, family, parenting
Hello friends! It’s time for Roark’s┬áBaby 3-4 months Update! If you haven’t read his last update, click here. I am still in a daze and there are still times when I look at him and can’t quite believe it’s all real. I can’t believe I am a mother, that he […]

Baby 3-4 Months Update

Alpaca Denver Show, alpaca, day in the life, blogger, vlog, family fun,
This past weekend was really busy. We took Roark for his first hike and we paid a visit to the Alpaca Denver Show. If you are regular reader of this blog, then you may have learned by now that I have varied interests. For many years now, I have developed […]

Alpaca Denver Show

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This past weekend we decided go hiking with a baby. It was Roark’s first hike! Ever since we moved to Colorado, we were inspired by the families we crossed on the trails that took their kids on every type of hike, even ascending 14,ooo ft mountains. Naturally, we embraced this […]

Hiking with a Baby

Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks, parenting, how to, tips and tricks, breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is one of the most beneficial things for a newborn baby and a new mother. However, for some moms it is also one of the hardest things to do postpartum. For something so natural, there are so many things that can go wrong and turn a┬ábonding experience into a […]

Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks