Here we go again friends. This is Roark’s 10 months baby update! If you missed the last one, you can read it here. This month seriously flew by and there weren’t that many changes in Roark’s development other than now he does everything he did last month, except faster and […]

Roark’s 10 months baby update

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Here we go again friends. This is Roark’s 9 month baby update! If you missed the last one, you can read it here. He’s officially been outside my womb as much as he was inside of it. I know, I know, pregnancy is really like 40 weeks which technically is […]

Roark’s 9 Month Baby Update

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When I got pregnant I never thought I would be writing a 8 months postpartum update, but here I am, doing just that. Just as no pregnancy is the same, neither is every birth or every post-partum journey. So why am I writing about mine? Because I know there is […]

8 Months Postpartum Update

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There is a popular tag video going on around Youtube these days called Baby Names I Love, But Didn’t Use. Recently one of my subscribers requested that I do this video, so I did. Click here to watch it. When I was pregnant with my son, I had a genetic […]

Baby names I love, but didn’t use

This 8 Months Baby Update will be the shortest to date since the last one was so late and I wanted to make sure this one was posted closer to the actual date Roark turned 8 months. This past month we went camping for the first time in our travel […]

8 Months Baby Update

We recently went camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park which is one of our favorite parks in Colorado. We have visited it during winter, spring and now summer. There is so much to see that you could spend an entire year exploring every trail and still not see […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: Camping and Hiking

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This 7 Months Baby Update is full of developmental milestones and a scary mysterious illness. Baby R has accomplished so much in the last month! It’s like his neurons and motor coordination are just on steroids right now. As a family, we spent our 4th of July at the farm […]

7 Months Baby Update

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This 6 months baby update is a little late since we were traveling in Brazil and I just didn’t get the chance to do it before we left. Roark turned six as we were traveling and it seems like the past 2 months have been the ones he has developed […]

6 Months Baby Update

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Can someone pinch me? It’s time for Roark’s 5 months update! If you new here, be sure to check out previous posts on his birth, my birth story and previous updates here and here. How is it that when you want time to go faster it never does, but when […]

Roark’s 5 Months Update