Where to shop for souvenirs in Oahu 4
I am all about collecting memories, not things and I rarely buy anything while I am travelling to bring back with me for family, friends or myself.¬†BUT, every once in a while I do bring back a small token of my appreciation. So if you are in need of souvenirs […]

Where to shop for souvenirs in Oahu, Hawaii

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The North Shore is a haven for surfers and travelers looking for a laid back Hawaii, food truck centered meals and a flipflops all-day¬†attitude. It’s away from the commercialization and crowds of Waikiki and it just has another flavor altogether. The picture below describes the mood of the North Shore […]

The North Shore of Oahu

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Three of my favorite beaches in Oahu are located on the East Coast of the Island. A short drive from Waikiki (less than 30 mins) and accessible by bus, it’s close enough to spend a day or two exploring. Although it is also a favorite amongst tourists and tourist buses, […]

The East Coast of Oahu

A Hawaiian Luau in Oahu Do you like food with all-inclusive booze and entertainment on a beautiful beach? If you answered yes, then you should plan to go to a Hawaiian Luau when visiting Oahu. In the spirit of full disclosure, group events with highly stylized and touristified shows like […]

Travel Moment: A Hawaiian Luau in Oahu

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After spending some time in Waikiki, the North Shore and the East Coast, the only thing left was the West Coast of Oahu. Driving all the way up to Ka’ena Point and the last stretch of pavement left, we found some of the poorest areas in Oahu and also some […]

The West Coast of Oahu

Best Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii 7
Going to Hawaii and don’t want to waste time finding the Best Beaches in Oahu? Well, lucky for you, after spending three weeks in the island and literally driving to all 4 corners of it, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Beaches in Oahu. 5. Kalua/Lanikai Rounding up this […]

Best Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

10 free things to do in Waikiki 2
Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 10 Free Things to do in Waikiki. Just about any location you go these days, you can find free activities to do solo or with the whole gang. This is also true for Waikiki thanks to the massive tourism industry supported by […]

Top 10 free things to do in Waikiki

When you enter or leave Hawaii, there is a strict check for contraband of food and animals to/from the islands- except for Pineapples! We scratched our heads on this one until we saw this field.   Everything made sense then… My impression of Hawaiian agriculture can be summarized to: pineapple, […]

Dole Plantation Visit

BodyBoarding in Makapu'u Beach 6
If you are staying in Waikiki while visiting Oahu, you will most likely watch and want to try surfing, paddle boarding or bodyboarding and luckily for you the island is full of places that offer lessons and equipment rental for these activities. Check out the different kiosks along Waikiki and […]

Best Beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu