Ice Castles in Dillon

This past weekend we were able to do something that has been on my list for a while – visit the Ice Castles in Dillon. I mean, nothing says winter like ice right? And the weather was warmish enough to take Roark and see this place. As soon as we walked in, all that was coming out of my mouth was WOW! WOW! It’s like walking in a real life set of the movie Frozen. The castle is in open air and the immense size of the walls are hard to imagine unless you walk between them. Everywhere I looked there were so many details, so many forms. Who knew ice could be so beautiful?

We had a blast walking around and discovering new features here and there. There is even a 50 foot ice slide, a fountain and even a dome where the ice hung over our heads like huge needles. A little scary, but super beautiful! To top it off, there were several storm troopers just walking around and taking pictures with everybody. Definitely worth being a little cold for. See it for yourself!

If you live near an Ice Castle and want to visit it, here are some quick tips:

  1. If you have small children, go early, preferably when the weather is nicer. The temperature is definitely cooler inside the castle.
  2. Dress for skiing if you plan to go down the ice slide. I highly recommend waterproof boots, several layers and mittens, hats and gloves.
  3. Leave the strollers and sleds at home. Your best bet if you have an infant or toddler is to carry them in wraps, carrier or on your arms. Some of the passages are narrow so it makes it impractical to be pulling something. Plus the kiddos want to run around anyway. Strollers are not a good idea because in some areas the material on the floor is quite deep and snow like.
  4. Buy your tickets early and online. The tickets sell out for the day fast, specially in the weekends, and if you buy online you pay less than at the door.
  5. If you don’t have children, the best time to go would be at night when the Ice Castle is lit up in different colors making it a perfect place to take a date!

For more information on Ice Castles and to see if there is one near you, click here. There is also a vlog available on my channel here.

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