What to see and do in Salida Colorado

Last year we won a small vacation package to Salida, Colorado, but being super pregnant we were not able to take the trip then. Thankfully, most of the package wasn’t expiring until the end of this summer, so we decided to take advantage of it.

Nestled in amongst several mountains reaching 14,000 ft, the region has an abundance of natural beauty. To make things even better, the Arkansas river runs right through Salida and provides a popular destination for river rafters/kayakers and fishermen alike.

If climbing, hiking and water sports are not really your thing, there is plenty more to do. Besides a vibrant food scene that is impressive for a town of less than 10,000 people, Salida also has plenty of antique stores and art galleries. I also noticed a variety of vintage clothing stores that would make my sister in law jealous – she lives in NYC. For those who prefer relaxation, a spa treatment or long soak in any of the several hot springs that exist in the area will do the trick.

What to see and do in Salida, Colorado

Lodging: there are many options for all tastes and budgets in Salida, nearby Nathrop or Buena Vista. If you want a historical place, stay at Palace Hotel in downtown Salida. For a weekend of nothing but relaxation and even a couple getaway, head over to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. If you don’t want to be close to nature, camp in one of several State run campsites available in the area. Buena Vista offers some chain hotels for the less adventurous.

Eat and drink: there are several places to eat in the region. We tried Amica’s in Salida and the restaurant at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. We enjoyed the food at both places and can’t wait to go back to explore more restaurants in the area. If you stop by Amica’s, try one of their pizzas. They are delicious! For lovers of craft beer, the area doesn’t disappoint with several microbreweries and watering holes.

Activities: there is something for everybody year around. From skiing and snowmobilling  in the winter to a full plethora of activities in the warmer months from zip lining, archery, mountain biking and more. If you are into conquering high mountains, you will invariably be drawn to the region which boasts more than one fifth of Colorado’s 53 “fourteneers.”

Arts: there are several galleries in Salida and even a artist studio tour that you can take. There is also a 3-day Art Walk that happens every June in Salida.

History: Salida has the oldest historic downtown in Colorado filled with rich history. The Ute tribes inhabited the region before mining and farming took hold of the area.

We really enjoyed this weekend getaway. If you would like to see our vlog, click here.

Have you been to Salida? If so, what is your favorite activity/place?

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