Waikiki Postcards

Waikiki is the shopping mecca of Hawaii with high-end brands rubbing shoulders with discount and convenience stores, in an East meets West tourism chaos.

It’s also known for the early days of long-board surfing and incredible sunsets. In fact, it still hosts surfing competitions throughout the year and newly minted surfers share the waters with veterans at all times of the day.

The main street is lined with major name resorts and the atmosphere, at times, feels like South Beach meets Beverly Hills for the Australian, Japanese and Chinese tourists that flock to Hawaii on holidays.

On my last trip to Oahu (part 1, 2 and 3), I couldn’t wait to get away from Waikiki and head to the more secluded North Shore, but in this longer trip (3 weeks) I am in no hurry to sight-see. I am finding extremely easy to wind down and just enjoy spending relaxing days on the beach, versus my normal activity packed travel. It may be my new focus on “living in the moment” or the difference between a vacation and “long-term” travel.

So, if you find yourself in Waikiki and don’t like the hub-hub, try to look at it with different eyes, enjoy people watching, bring along a good book or your favorite music and find a quiet spot to relax- yes, it is possible to find that spot, even in Waikiki.

Here are some pictures of Waikiki by day to bring you along with me…

Happy Xploring!

Have you been to Waikiki? What are your favorite spots?



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