We have moved. Now what?

It has been a couple weeks since we finally made our way across the country to our beautiful new home state of Colorado. Since then, we have been really busy trying to find a house to buy, deciding on mortgage companies, selling our old house and getting acclimated to our new area: where to shop, eat, etc…

On top of that I figured it was time to get back into shape, kick some bad habits I created while working in corporate America and devote some time to things I enjoy doing, but haven’t for some time due to work+commute, getting the house ready to sell and the move planned.

So in the spirit of accountability, I am going to tell you all my dirty little secrets.lol

Not really! But here are some of the habits I am trying to reverse and maybe if you are trying to do this too or have done in the past, you can share some tips!

  1. Cut my dependence on processed sugars specially desserts and soda. I don’t drink coffee (oh the horror! lol) so for years my go-to afternoon pick me up was a 20oz bottle of Coke Zero. I love the stuff, but eventually I realized I had a problem when I started craving it at all times of the day, like breakfast. Similarly with desserts, I started craving one after every meal. And not a fruit with yogurt type of dessert, I mean a full-on brownie with ice cream and fudge dessert. It’s time to kick the sugar addiction to the curb!
  2. Eat clean and eat homemade more often. Mr. GoodLife and I were both professionals with busy careers and good income, which led to lazy and poor eating habits. I am even ashamed of telling you how often we ate out, but it was at least 80% of our meals. Sick and tired of poor food choices, crappy service and appalled at the expenses associated with eating out, I am making a committment to cook more often and when we do eat out, to eat clean – meaning real, unprocessed foods. I have also added tons more fruits and veggies to my diet in the form of smoothies daily and cut my meat intake to 1-2 times a week. Usually in the form of a nice burger, a weekend tradition in our household. Mr. GoodLife is also benefiting from this new habit with balanced, healthy home cooked meals to take to work. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the hotel we are currently “residing” and he takes full advantage of that and indulges in freshly baked cookies in the front desk every night while I cleverly avoid it. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Excercise. After years of self-abuse on my body from working in an office, sitting for 8-10hrs, commuting to and from said office for 3hrs a day and lacking regular exercise, I ended up a bag of slush, with no muscles, no endurance and with pains in parts of my body I didn’t even know existed. Doctors medicated me and advised the use of braces, breaks, cold/hot/electrical impulse therapy,  cortisone shots, and whole bunch of other things just so I could continue to exist… I gained weight like never before and was too weak  physically and emotionally to deal with issues going on with my body: constant fatigue, insomnia caused by pain and stress, back/shoulder/neck/wrist/arm pain and a nasty case of tendonitis, carpel tunnel and tennis elbow from hours typing and clicking on the keyboard and not doing much else to be healthy. It took me almost a year of physical therapy 2-3 times a week and the blessed hands of the best massage therapist in the area (I love you Paris!!!) 1-2 times a month just so I could manage the pain everyday. So enough of that, now that I am in a undertermined work hiatus (i.e. mini mid-life crisis) and the triggers of my constant pain have been removed, I am taking my body back!
  4. Create and be present. I have always been a creative person. I am not necessary good at any of the arts and crafts I try, but I enjoy the creative process of dreaming up a finished product and making it happen with the power of mind and hands. Working in corporate America and specially in Finance, there is a limit to how you can apply creativity and a great deal of time, effort and office politics to take an idea/concept live. I was fortunate enough to be in positions that allowed me to create and drive change in my career, but I have also always missed the solitary, self-reliant art of creation and being able to satisfy my curiosity in a relatively short period of time (weeks vs. months/years). Having a type A personality, I also love to strategize the future and often forget to enjoy the present going from goal to goal and checking things off “the list”. So I am committing to read, write and live more, get to really know others, listen, be still, be bored and overwhelmed by simple beauty and quiet moments.

What about you? What habits are you trying to change?

Have the BEST week and happy xploring!



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