10 Postpartum Essentials

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My apologies if you are receiving this for the second time. We got hacked today after the post went out and I had to delete it and write it again.

So following my video on 10 Things No One Tells You About Postpartum, I am posting a video on 10 Postpartum Essentials you will need for recovery.

I needed all of these products the weeks after my son’s birth and although my hospital provided most of these items, some hospitals and birthing centers may not. Also if you plan on a home birth, I would recommend stocking up on these products ahead of time since some of them are not widely available.

10 Postpartum Essentials

  1. Mesh Underwear –  far from something you ever thought you would wear in your life, but a complete necessity postpartum. These mesh underwear can hold those thick pads and particles and are disposable. Win-win! If you can’t find these and they are not provided to you, stock up on cheap men’s underwear.
  2. Perineal Cold Packs or Padsicles – can we take a moment of silence for these? I loved these things. They were so soothing and numbing to the area after delivery. Probably the only things that made it possible for me to sit.
  3. Pads and panty liners – stock up on every size and buy in bulk, you will need it!
  4. Numbing spray –  a good source of relief when you don’t have the cold packs available. A spray or two will provide a cold and numbing relief.
  5. Peri cleansing bottle –  the holy grail of postpartum supplies. Take one or more from the hospital and fill it with warm water and soap to clean up after using the bathroom. Toilet paper will feel like sandpaper and urine stings on stitches. I used it several times a day for a few weeks.
  6. Hemorrhoidal pads – some women get hemorrhoids from pushing during delivery or several weeks after it. If your hospital provides it to you, take it. Just in case!
  7. Nipple pads – these protective pads hold the leaks from engorged breasts and also protect your clothes from the nipple cream stains.
  8. Nipple cream – lanolin based, the cream protects, lubricates and heals cracked and sore nipples. No cleaning needed before a feeding makes this an essential product.
  9. Ibuprofen – if you are opposed to stronger painkillers postpartum, ibuprofen provides pain relief and it’s safe for breastfeeding. Stock up since your doctor may prescribe a much higher dose than you are used to take.
  10. Laxatives – breastfeeding can really leave you dehydrated. For those moments when you need intestinal hydration, laxatives are a good option. You will most likely need it as well for the first days postpartum to ease the pain of going to the bathroom with stitches and bruises.

I found all these 10 products essential to my recovery postpartum. I hope it helps other moms-to-be.


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