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3 places you must visit in Malibu

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If you are traveling to Los Angeles area, add a short day-trip to Malibu to see why this area is home to many celebrities.

Malibu is a beach town located just 30 miles from LA and is best known for being a hotspot for artists and celebrities. It has also been featured in many movies and TV shows.

Malibu’s affluent communities and beautiful landscape appeals to residents and visitors alike. Every year thousands of people visit to enjoy what it has to offer.

If you are visiting Southern California, and the Los Angeles area in particular, it’s worth taking a side trip to visit the 27 miles that make up the Malibu coastline.

3 places you must visit in Malibu California

El Matador Beach cliffs and beach

Getting to Malibu from Los Angeles is a treat in itself as you will drive along the Pacific Highway.

Depending on the time of the year you visit, traffic may make the beautiful views less appealing.

I would recommend that you visit Malibu during the week and during the low season (not summer) to avoid being stuck on the road.

Once you get there, I’d suggest you visit these 3 places in the order listed below to make the most of your day.

Malibu Farm Restaurant


Start your day with fresh, organic food at Malibu Farm Cafe located right at the Malibu pier on Surfrider beach.

Choose to sit outside and watch the waves roll in, the seabirds flying above, or people paddling. Or sit inside and drool at the coastal design sipping a refreshing drink.

While you wait for a table, take a stroll down the pier for a great view of the shore.

If you look to the East, you will be able to marvel at the multi-million dollar houses that are located at the aptly named Billionarie’s Beach.

El Matador Beach

El Matador state park beach seen from above in California

After a good meal, it’s time to head to the beach.

Malibu has plenty of places to enjoy the ocean, but El Matador State Beach Park is my favorite. This is a place to relax, take those beautiful pictures or just watch the sunset.

During the summer it can be quite crowded, but off season and during the week, this is what you get.

El matador beach in Malibu

The one downside of El Matador Beach is the hike down to the ocean. You will need to take a trail or steps. The hike down is not very long, but it might be challenging if you have any mobility issues.

Gromm Gelato

Gromm Hazelnut gelato

Only available in Italy, New York and California, this is what gelato should taste like. Creamy, delicious, but light and flavorful.

Stop in after the beach, or anytime really, and try one of their many organic flavors.

If you like nuts, you must try the hazelnut gelato. Absolutely decadent!

For directions to the store, click here.

Have you been to Malibu? What other places would you recommend?

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