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32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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Hello Friends!

After a very busy 31st week, the 32nd week was like a walk in the park with some Halloween decorating and more preparation for birth. I can’t believe we are so close to meeting this little guy and in some levels it’s just hitting me now that I will be a mother soon.

WOW! Just WOW!


32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here are some things that have happened this week:

  • Non Stress Test: I had the weekly NST and everything is awesome. He moved a lot faster this time around (they need 3 heart rate variations to complete the test) and I had several mini contractions during that time. I finally understand that cold water seems to do the trick when getting him to move.


  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: I sent my first week of blood sugar numbers in to the nutritionist and everything is under normal levels. I haven’t gained much if any weight these last couple weeks, which seems to be fine since I already gained enough during this pregnancy- around 28-30lbs.


  • Breast Pump: My order from Yummy Mummy has arrived. Now I just need to figure out how it works. 


  • Maternity Bag: I started packing my hospital bag. I know it’s pretty early, but one of the couples in our birthing class had an emergency type of delivery and I just want to make sure that at least most of the stuff is assembled in one area. That way there would be less direction required on my part and less frustration on behalf of hubby if he needed to gather all the things while I am in the hospital. Plus, it’s taken me a couple weeks to find some of the stuff like nipple cream and Dermoplast spray. I will do a “What’s in my hospital bag” video when it’s ready. These videos have helped me a lot in deciding what to pack.


Symptoms and Observations:

  • The baby continues to be very active. He is moving more during the day now versus in the middle of the night which is comforting. I was starting to worry about his night owl tendencies. The best way I can describe his movements now is like someone is “kneading” me from the inside.


  • I don’t think I mentioned this before, but my feet have been swollen for a while now and I had to buy a new pair of boots and socks to accommodate an extra size. My tennis shoes and sandals seem to have enough room for now. Some people say their feet never went back to their previous size after birth. I sure hope that is not the case, because I would be loosing lots of shoes! On the other hand, it would mean a whole new need for shopping… Just saying!


  • I have noticed a higher water retention, specially on my hands, feet and under my eyes. Fortunately, Colorado is sooo dry that the swelling it’s not too bothersome. In fact, I need to hydrate constantly. It’s a catch 22. No water retention- great! Dehydration and constant peeing- not so great!


  • Another on-going symptom is my body temperature. Pre-pregnancy I was always cold. I slept under a blanket or comforter even in the summer months. Since about the 12th week, I have been getting hotter and hotter. Now, I sweat even with air conditioner and I don’t even require a sheet to keep warm at night. Apparently it’s all the extra blood in my body (50% more than normal).


  • Since the beginning of the third trimester I’ve noticed more breakouts, especially around the jawline and forehead area. Since I am eating a lot more nuts, cheese and dairy  for protein snacks, I have noticed an increase in facial oil. I haven’t really hit the “pregnancy glow” phase people talk about… When is that happening, by the way? lol


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