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33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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This week I am 33 weeks pregnant!

I had doctor’s appointments and lots of running around getting a few more things for the nursery. I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner!

This year has flown by. Soon will be Thanksgiving in the U.S. and shortly after, Christmas. Our first as a family of 3 humans and 1 furry baby!

I am starting to worry about getting decorations up before I am too miserable to move. Is mid-November too early for a tree? Oh well, the neighbors will have to forgive us this year. We have a good excuse to start early, don’t you think?

33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here are some things that have happened this week:

Non Stress Test and OB Appointment

I had the weekly NST and everything is normal.

During this OB appointment we discussed birth plan options, cord blood banking, induction techniques used, and my recent weight loss (due to the new diet for gestational diabetes).

Have I told you I absolutely love our new OB practice? I really do.

They are straightforward, take the time to answer all our questions with facts and without bias and even though I am rotating doctors for each appointment, every one of them seem to know all about my pregnancy. It’s fantastic! I will share more details on my video.

Gestational Diabetes

I’ve had a couple high numbers this week as I adjusted certain foods in my diet.

I noticed that having fruit with the meal instead of a snack DOES spike my blood sugar which contradicts conventional science.

And one night I allowed myself a treat for dessert (small non-fat frozen yogurt with fruit) which caused me to be a little over the limit.

I also noticed that my quality of sleep can also affect my fasting blood sugar. Overall though, my numbers look good.

I also had my A1C (long-term blood sugar) tested on a recent physical and the number pretty much confirms that over the past 3 months, my blood sugar levels have been good, which is a good indicator that even before I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, my blood sugar was not high enough to harm the baby. It’s a relief!

Choosing a Pediatrician

We had our first pediatrician interview this week. I didn’t realize before getting pregnant that you need a pediatrician before giving birth, but you do.

Some doctors come to the hospital to check on the baby and some even perform procedures like circumcisions a day or two after the baby is born.

We really liked this doctor and his approach. He is also highly recommended by a friend and our OB. We had a very informative talk about circumcision methods that made me cringe a little.

Setting Up The Baby’s Room

We worked on the nursery a lot this past week. We re-arranged furniture, hung a few shelves and artwork and ordered the last things on our baby registry that we were missing.

Now, all that is left to do is to add a few final touches and it will be ready for a Nursery Reveal video soon. I am really happy we are ticking that off the to-do list.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Observations

I have noticed that my pain threshold has increased a lot lately. I wonder if this is a sign my body is getting ready for labor. Anyone else having this symptom?

My belly has not been growing as much and my weight leveled off. I recently lost weight, but it has started to itch more.

I am boosting up the oil and moisturizer massages to ward off those stretch marks, so far I have not seen any starting up.

This is totally a TMI symptom, but lately my sign that a bowel movement is coming is pelvic cramps, which is so confusing since it feels like a contraction of sorts.

The “baby brains” are getting worse and worse. I have literally a huge blank space going on in the brain department nowadays. I will be mid-sentence and all of the sudden forget where I was going or I will think of something important and go get my phone to write it down and by the time I unlock it, I have completely forgotten what I was going to do.

I am nesting big time. Just getting out of the house is hard for me now. I just want to be at home, reading, watching birthing videos and looking at baby things.

My husband will probably be really happy when he can get his wife back, because the baby is consuming my every thought, every conversation. It must be super annoying!

That is it for this week. Thanks for following along!





  1. November 5, 2016 / 6:38 pm

    I can’t believe time has flown by so fast! Glad you are feeling well overall. Stay strong with your diet – the healthier you feel, the better the delivery will go. Can’t wait to meet the little prince in person!

    • January 18, 2017 / 2:03 am

      So late replying to this. Thanks Mrs. Enchumbao. Staying healthy for the little one was a big priority.

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