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34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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Oh Boy! This was another busy week. We had not one, but two baby classes!!!

I was also feeling under the weather and really tired. Maybe I am hitting the point where I am ready to have this baby!

34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here are some things that have happened this week:

Parenting Classes

As first time parents we are taking every class under the moon. It may seem overkill, but as I mentioned before, I have never changed a diaper in my life and it has been a very long time since the hubby has done that as well, so we need those classes!

Of course, there are tons of online resources available like the free Childbirth Class Videos on BabyCenter, but I just found it very valuable to have the classes in person with a certified nurse and other couples.

Often, there are questions that come up from other parents-to-be that I may not have thought about yet or that is brought up by the nurse/instructor.

Another plus is being able to include your partner for the education and the pregnancy. It is so hard to make my husband feel included.

Apart from sharing my symptoms, doctor appointments and the occasional series of kicks and hiccups, it’s a completely different experience for moms and dads to be.

There is also no way my husband would sit and watch over 50 short videos on childbirth, but he was more than supportive to take the classes with me. He even signed up for a New Dad Bootcamp Class, for men only.

It was even easier to convince him after a few dads-to-be in our Childbirth Class highly recommended it.

Of course, classes can take 3-12 hrs and cost U$40-70 per couple, which make it an investment that not everyone can make, so those free online resources are amazing! 

For a review of the classes I recommend taking as a first time parent, read this post.

Gestational Diabetes

Still on track with a couple high numbers. I’ve tweaked my snack meals to reduce spikes.

Granola bars, even if under the carbohydrate grams allowed in my diet are out. I noticed that no matter when I ate it, it spiked my numbers.

Snacks have always been a struggle for me. There aren’t a lot of snacks full of protein and low in carb that don’t involve protein powders, meat or soy and usually those food items are not what I am craving anyway.

I tend to crave fresh fruits.

Baby Items

We ordered the last baby items in our registry with the Amazon completion discount.

They should be arriving over the next month, so I will shoot a video haul on them once they are here.

These were mostly discretionary products that we debated the need over several weeks.

It seems like nowadays there are several “must-haves” for babies, but in reality these are convenient items, but not necessities, so we struggled a little when building our registry and making purchase decisions.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Cravings and Observations

I started the week feeling under the weather. I am not sure if it’s allergies or just feeling run down, because I have not been able to sleep well lately.

The belly is getting heavy, my pelvic pain has come back with a vengeance and laying only on my sides makes me sore.

It seems like my first trimester symptoms are also coming back: heartburn, fatigue, a little nausea.

I am getting to the point that many women reach late in the pregnancy- that feeling that “ok, enough is enough, let’s get this baby out and get my body back!”

I know that getting my body back will not necessarily happen for a few months after birth, but it the idea that I will again have some control over it, that I will be able to walk without waddling, bend over without a basketball on the way, and get rid of some of these symptoms.

The thought of bodily autonomy is giving me hope.

I have been craving lots of sugar. I can’t wait until I can eat a piece of chocolate cake or a slice of key lime pie!

It doesn’t help that my friends keep posting delicious dessert recipes on social media. I have however, been very good, I even managed to not eat a single piece of candy during Halloween.

I have found good alternatives for the sugar loaded desserts – Pilsburry has come out with Sugar-Free desserts that actually taste good.

So far I tried the brownies with low carb ice cream from Brewer’s and it seems to do the trick. The only problem is that is not filling and I am substituting a much more filling snack for that.

There is seriously a big gap in the market for diabetics, which is mind-boggling since millions of Americans struggle with the disease.

With the reduction of amniotic fluid and the increase in baby movements, the kicks are getting a little uncomfortable, but the baby is also becoming more responsive to touch.

My husband and I can push or touch where he is pushing out and he seems to react to it. I actually had to push a baby body part back in that was sticking out on my right side. I did it instinctively!

During my weekly non-stress tests, he is getting very good at kicking the monitors. I was actually able to capture a couple of those movements on video on my phone this week. I will include that on the video below.

That is it for this 34 Weeks Pregnancy Update. Thanks for following along!



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