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36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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This week was another busy one.

I feel like they all have been since I entered the third trimester. It’s like all of the sudden we are on overdrive and under a deadline.

I guess that is pretty true, considering that at 36 weeks, our baby could decide to come into the world at any minute.

And for people like me, that like to plan and have a certain control over things, it’s a little nerve wrecking!

The hubby likes to remind me, we are ready! If this boy came tomorrow, we would be fine.

But, my worrier self likes to loose sleep thinking about all the things I may not have thought about it yet.

Of course, it doesn’t help that my bladder keeps waking me up 3-4 times a night, giving me plenty of chances to loose that precious sleep.

In addition, this week we had an unexpected visit to the hospital, which ended up being a false alarm, but was a good dry-run for the big day.

Here are some things that have happened this week.

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

NST and Doctor

This week marked the beginning of weekly appointments at the doctor.

I am definitely not close to labor, my belly hasn’t dropped as it is supposed to happen a few weeks before labor and there are no indications of the baby making an early appearance into the world.

We will now for sure be induced at 39 weeks.

Even though my gestational diabetes is well controlled, there is a higher risk of still birth at the end of the pregnancy due to placenta failure or other underlying issues related to diabetes, so better to be safer than sorry, specially because at 39 weeks the baby is full term.

We agree with the doctors’ recommendation. We want this baby to be healthy and safe and if my body for any reason can’t provide that safe haven anymore, he is better off being born a little earlier.

Unexpected Hospital Visit

After a normal NST result early in the week, I started noticing the baby was not moving as he had been. I could still feel him, just not as often.

During the weekend, I started getting concerned and decided to call the doctor. He sent me to the hospital for a NST just to be safe.

I was admitted into a Triage room, hooked up to the monitors and given sugary drinks. Sugar usually gets babies moving, which is counter intuitive with the gestational diabetes, but the nurse wanted to see if he would respond.

Although we knew he was probably fine, just not knowing for sure is such a horrible feeling. Listening to that heartbeat is such a relief.

After 45 minutes of monitoring, the nurse and the doctor were confident that although he was not moving as much as he had been earlier in the week, he was still moving enough and his heart rate was normal, so we were discharged.

The whole experience just reminded us of how unpredictable pregnancy and labor can be. How once you conceive, worrying will never end!

I am sure I will worry about our son till the day I die. That is the part of motherhood that my mom kept telling me about my whole life and I didn’t get it. Now I do!

Hospital Bag

Our unexpected visit to the hospital caught us unprepared. We were out and about when we called the doctor and didn’t have our hospital bag with us.

It was a good dry-run for being admitted into the hospital and got us thinking about what we may need to add to our hospital bag.

We came home and finished packing it. It also let us know we may need lots of entertainment. It can be a long day otherwise.

Book Club Baby Shower

My amazing book club friends had a mini baby shower for me and another friend who happens to be pregnant as well.

I am so glad to have found such a great group of women in my neighborhood that share all their experience as mothers and women.

Freezer Meals

I tackled some freezer meals this week. We should be set until January. I may continue doing this during the first part of 2017. It saves a ton of time and since I plan to breastfeed, I can use the extra time.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Cravings and More

The contractions continue to get stronger and stronger.

In addition, I started experiencing cramps in my lower belly and our doctor this week said that is a sign of labor approaching.

She experienced the same cramps with her 3 kids and it’s no fun. It feels like menstrual cramps, except that they last longer and get stronger and stronger just like the contractions.

The hubby and I had a cleaning spree this week.

They say it’s a nesting instinct that kicks in as labor approaches.

I think in our case was just a reaction to the unexpected hospital visit, but I am glad that we got it done.

Our families will be in town for the next month or so and it’s good to know we deep cleaned before the baby arrived.

I am really glad my husband it’s my partner in everything, including cleaning because right about now; when I can barely move between my bed to the bathroom, deep cleaning seemed pretty impossible.

That is it for this 36 Weeks Pregnancy Update.

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