4 Makeup Products I Am Obsessing About

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4 Makeup Products I am obsessed about, beauty, makeup, cosmetics, must have, blogger

Hi friends!

So this is a little different post than I have written in the past. For those that come to the blog for travel posts only, please bear with me. I am re-arranging things a bit lately on the blog to include this new phase of our lives. If it hasn’t been completely obvious by now, the nesting instincts are growing strong, so my interests have shifted a bit. While I am still going to post on my past travels and upcoming ones, we are decidedly home bound at this point. But fret not, we are going to Seattle in a couple weeks, so I will be posting on that soon.

Now on to the products this post is all about.

About a month ago, my usual go-to cosmetics were coming to an end and I got the itch to try something new. For years, I have been fiercely loyal to MAC Cosmetics. Recently, however, I have read a few articles about some makeup products causing breakouts. For most of my adult life, I have suffered from acne and for most of my adult life I have used MAC products so I decided to try something new. I scheduled a mini-makeover at Sephora and purchased a new set of everyday products.

And Oh boy! I am so glad I did! I love them so much I am OBSESSED!

So what is so great about them?

Well, let’s begin:

  1. Cover Fix Blot Drops– it’s affectionately called “Liquid blot paper”. For those with oily skin, this product is heaven sent. Usually when I apply makeup, I need to reapply powder after a couple hours to avoid that sheen. Who has time for that? Not me. So this product is a must have. It really controls the oil and keeps the makeup looking fresh.
  2. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup – oh! this product and I may never divorce. I am serious! It’s that good. I hate when a foundation is so heavy that you feel like you are wearing a mask. On top of that when it starts creasing – it’s yucky! But this product is the complete opposite. Super light, it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing foundation and as an extra bonus, it provides excellent coverage for those breakouts. I mean, no concealer necessary, even for dark or red spots. I am in LOVE!
  3. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder– I have seen many bloggers that swear by this product, but I have always been against loose powder for some reason so I never gave it a try. I am glad I finally gave it a chance. It is a little more messy to apply, meaning, I get it all over my sink, but it sets the foundation perfectly.
  4. Gimme Brown by Benefit– this product is so easy to use and stays put for a long time. I just can’t be bothered with eyebrow primers, powders or even pencils. That is why I swear by this product. In less than 30 secs I have eyebrows and they look natural. Can’t beat that!

The price point on these products are comparable to MAC cosmetics and the quality is far superior than the drugstore products I have tried, so in my book they are worth the investment. Schedule a mini-makeup consultation at Sephora to try them out and get professional application done as a treat. Win-win!

As for the acne issues, I have noticed a difference and family members have as well when I go makeup free. However, being pregnant, it’s hard to say what’s really causing that, hormone swings and all!

Ps: This is not a sponsored post and none of the links are part of an affiliate program. I just really love these products!

Have you used these makeup products? What is your take? What other beauty products can you not live without?



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