5 Places to visit in Downtown LA

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When I think about Los Angeles, I think fashion, Hollywood, beach, and palm trees, but Downtown LA has plenty to offer. Diverse communities, delicious food, parks and art venues make it a perfect way to spend the day. These locations are all walking distance to each other.

Here are 5 places not to miss in Downtown LA:

Grand Central Market

A foodie’s heaven, the Grand Central Market 30+ vendors will surely satisfy any food craving that you have and awaken cravings you didn’t know you had. It’s like traveling the world through food without leaving the building. And don’t expect a cheap imitation, food here is the real deal. You can find traditionally made dishes or a new take on an old staple. For the market’s website, click here.



Bradbury Building

This historical building built in 1893 is the oldest commercial building still standing in Downtown LA. It was also featured in a couple of movies in the past like Blade Runner. If you are into architecture, you need to see this beauty! For more information about the building, click here.


Grand Park

Big cities Downtowns usually resemble a jungle of concrete, but Grand Park in DTLA provides a refreshing green lawn and water feature to soothe office workers and travelers alike. Take a break on a bench or sip a drink in the cafe. For the park’s website, click here.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

One of the most impressive architectural buildings made of metal, the Concert Hall defies gravity with its curves and stays true to the style of Frank Gehry (the architect) and to the creative genius of Walt Disney. If not for the concerts, visit it for the architecture alone. For a list of events, click here.


The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum could not stay in the shadows of brilliant architecture right next door at the Walt Disney Concert Hall so it is a modern piece of art on its own. Geometric designs filter light into this free museum. If you are a food lover and still have space for one more meal, don’t forget to check out Otium, owned by an award-winning chef, next door. For the museum’s website, click here.


What other places are on your must-visit list of Downtown LA?




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