8 snack foods you must try in Brazil

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If you travel to South America, you will fall in love with the food! These 8 Brazilian snack foods you must try in Brazil are filling, delicious and affordable.

Brazil has a rich history of immigration that has shaped its culinary world. The Portuguese introduced dried salted cod, the African slaves created Feijoada (black bean stew), the Arabs brought over spices. It all blended to create an amazing array of dishes.

It is very important to note that these snacks are available pretty much throughout the entire country, but that every region has different snacks as well or different fillings that reflect that area’s culinary influence.

Today I want to share with you 8 Snacks You Must Eat in Brazil that are the basic snacks you will find during your trip.

8 Brazilian Foods you Must Try

I LOVE to eat and I am hungry all the time, so snacks are essential to my survival. When I travel to Brazil, there are many dishes on the “must have” list. These snacks are filling, fairly inexpensive (U$2-4) and available just about anywhere. Here are 8 you must try!

Snack foods of Brazil

1. Empadas

These baked mini pies are filled with everything you can dream of. The most common filling is chicken, but for variety, try the one filled with heart of palm, leeks or shrimp.

Snack foods of Brazil
Snack foods of Brazil

2. Pastel

The best way to describe Pastel is as a giant deep-fried wonton that is much lighter in texture, but just as crispy.

It can be filled with dozens of combination of salt or sweet goodness.

You can find Pastel in farmer’s markets held once a week in different neighborhoods of Brazil or as appetizers in several bars and restaurants (served bite sized).

Snack foods of Brazil

3. Coxinha

A delicious dough filled with chicken and spices. Sometimes in addition to chicken, they also come with Catupiry, a sort of cream cheese/mascarpone. For cheese aficionados, if you are ever in Sao Paulo, visit the Catupiry store (the brand name).

It’s a hole in the wall, but the place fills up for lunch and they make everything with this cheese. Try the lime or passion fruit Catupiry mousse for desert. Delicious!

Snack foods of Brazil
Snack foods of Brazil

4. Esfiha

These middle eastern imports are similar to mini pizzas or calzones. The dough and fillings however are different. The most common filling is ground beef which is seasoned with onions, tomatoes, and a variety of spices.

There are also vegetarian fillings like green veggies or cheese.

Snack foods of Brazil
Snack foods of Brazil
Snack foods of Brazil

5. Kibe

Another Middle Eastern favorite, this is a deep-fried meat ball with wheat, walnuts and spices. Try it with squeezed lime juice or sour cream. Amazing!

Kibe can also be prepared in a baking dish and baked, but you will most likely find it Brazil deep fried, unless you eat at a traditional Arab restaurant.

Snack foods of Brazil

6. Croquete or Bolinho

A cousin of the coxinha, it is a deep fried potato cake usually filled with ingredients other than chicken. There are many variations from cheese and ham to salt dried cod – my favorite!

If you never had salt dried cod, but love fish, you should try this and also order cod in a restaurant – preferably a restaurant that specializes in Portuguese cuisine. It’s delicious!

Snack foods of Brazil

7. Mandioca Frita

Mandioca Frita or yucca fries are sold as appetizers in most bars in Brazil. They are generally sprinkled with parmesan for extra saltiness and are a great substitute for regular fries. It can be stringy sometimes, but delicious nonetheless.

Mandioca or Yucca as it is called in the US, is a root vegetable and can also be served steamed or boiled and mashed.

Snack foods of Brazil

8. Pao de Queijo

Pao de Queijo is a gluten free cheese bread. It is best served right after it comes out of the oven and it’s a popular afternoon snack to have with coffee.

There are food chains in Brazil that specialize in these bite size pieces of heaven. You can choose to have it filled with cream cheese variations from plain to olive tapenade.

Pao de Queijo can now be found in the US in box mixes or in frozen sections so that you don’t even need to travel to Brazil to enjoy it!

Snack foods of Brazil

Want to try these 8 Brazilian snacks, but not going to Brazil anytime soon?

I bet you there is probably a Brazilian restaurant near you that offers a few, if not all of these. What a better way to go Global in your own hometown?

Have you tried any of these 8 Snacks You Must Eat in Brazil?

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