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Baby Boy Carters Haul

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Hello Friends!

We are on the home stretch until our baby boy arrives and one of the many basics we have to have for him is clothing. After waiting many months to start shopping, one day I started freaking out a little that I may not have enough clothes, so I went on a shopping spree at the local Carter’s store.

I stocked up on several pieces for newborns, but also from 3-12 months. He should now be covered for at least 6 months! Such a relief!

What is so baffling as a first time mom is all the stuff you don’t know about babies. There is just so much!!

I have listed the questions I had below and the answers I found on the web to help other first time moms if you are having similar questions:

  • How many diapers will they use a day? 10-15 diapers a day.


  • Which diapers don’t cause as many leaks? My friends swear by Pampers.


  • How many outfits will I need a day/week? This is one was tricky to find answers. Depending on blowouts (diaper leaks) and spit ups, it could be 2-4 changes a day!


  • How often do I need to do laundry? That will depend on the answer for the question above. I am planning to do laundry 1x/week, so I made sure to have at least 14 outfits for the week. The extra clothes seem a lot cheaper than the extra detergent and electricity costs of doing laundry more often.


  • What do you mean I can’t use regular laundry detergent? Yep. Sensitive skins need sensitive soap. I am however washing everything first with regular detergent and when it’s closer to the time he will be wearing it, I will wash it again with Dreft.


  • Cloth vs Disposable? I am a big believer of modern conveniences. Disposable diapers all the way for me. But just in case you go the cloth diaper route, I’ve found out you can have a diaper laundry service come to your house. That makes it more appealing, but I am not sure it still keeps this option more affordable.


  • What is the difference between an onesie, a bodysuit, a romper, an all-in-one, etc….? Oh Boy! I am not sure this is right, but here is how I categorize it in my head. An onesie is a one piece without a hood. It includes a foot and built-in mittens for newborns. A bodysuit is one for the upper body with no legs. A romper is a full body or sometimes a half-overall with no foot. An all-in-one is an onesie with a hood and generally for winter, also called a bunting…


  • How long will they wear a newborn size? That’s the key question, isn’t it? One of the biggest factors of why it took me so long to buy any baby clothes was the sheer fact that I don’t know how big the baby will be and how fast he will grow. And then from what I have seen, there are no standard sizes in baby clothes. Some brands’ newborn sizes only go up to 7-8lbs. Some have 0-1month sizes. Others have a 0-3months. And some even do it in centimeters. It’s all very confusing!

And the list of questions goes on and on…

However, this baby will need clothes regardless how confusing it is for his momma, right? So I think I am in a good place with clothes now. I am planning to wash only a few outfits of newborn and 0-3 months sizes for the hospital and the first couple days at home and depending on how they fit on the baby, I or more likely the hubby, will wash more once we are home. If he ends up larger than a newborn size, I have kept the receipts to take things back.

I think I got a great deal on this baby boy Carters haul. I spent a total of U$150 instead of U$435 (original price) . If you want to see what I bought on this haul, watch this video.

What are your shopping secrets when buying for kids?



Let me know how this post has helped you or what you would like to see in the future!

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