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Best Beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu

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Looking for the best beaches for bodyboarding in Oahu? Here are the best spots for beginner, intermediate and advanced boarders on the island.

Are you visiting Hawaii on vacation and looking to stay active? Why not try bodyboarding in Oahu?

If you are staying in Waikiki while visiting Oahu, you will most likely watch people surf, paddle board, kayak or bodyboard on the crystal-clear blue water of Hawaii.

And after watching all the fun, you might be tempted to try these activities too! I highly encourage you to do it. It’s a great way to stay active while on vacation and cross activities off your bucket list.

Oahu is a great place to bodyboard and the Waikiki beaches are some of the best waters for beginners to try it. The waters are usually calm, clear and there are many lifeguards on duty.

There are several surf shops that offer lessons and equipment rental to tourists. I can attest that the lessons are a great deal. You can read about the surf lesson I took on Waikiki.

Once you get your feet wet with a lesson, you can do it on your own by renting a board for the day and try bodyboarding on several beaches on Waikiki and around the island of Oahu.

If you are already experienced with bodyboards, scroll down to read about best spots for advanced bodyboarding.

Best Beaches for Bodyboarding in Oahu for Beginners

These beaches are located on the south of Oahu and offer bodyboarding and surfing lessons right on the beach. The waters are calmer and easier to navigate for beginners.

Waikiki Beach

The easiest beach to get lessons if you are staying right on Waikiki beach. Near the Duke statue, there are beach kiosks that offer lessons and rentals for beginners. It can be a little crowded so you have to be careful to not hit anyone.

Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island Lagoon

The best beaches for small kids to play with a bodyboard. Magic island lagoon is manmade and sheltered by rocks from big waves. Ala Moana Beach is right beside it and a little more open.

Kuhio Beach

The breaks are nice and easy on most days which is perfect for beginners. The beach can be a little crowded in the morning due to the sport courts, park and restaurants nearby, but at sunset, it empties out.

best beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu - Kuhio Beach

Kapiolani Park

Lessons are offered on the beach like on Waikiki beach, but because this beach is further along the strip, there are less people in the water. A great alternative to beach across the Duke statue.

Kamaina Beach

The furthest beach on the South near Waikiki beach. It is mostly frequented by residents and people vacationing in condos. There is a lot more space to move and practice in the water.

Puaʻena Point

A beginner beach on the North Shore for surfing. Lessons are available here.

Best Oahu Bodyboarding Spots for Intermediate/Advanced Boarders

These guys were having so much fun, it reminded of my days growing up on the beach and bodyboarding.

Waimanalo Beach

Also on the East side, only a few extra miles North of Makapu’u. By far, my favorite place in the island, it’s a long stretch of sand, ocean and park. It’s often pretty empty during the week and many couples who wed in Oahu take a limo trip to Waimanalo for pictures.

It is that pretty!

best beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu - Waimanalo Beach

It has a constant break that is smaller than Makapu’u, but nice for intermediate boarders. Always check the surf report before heading out.

Makapu’u Beach

Nestled on the East side of the island, it’s home to the Makapu’u tide pools and pristine clear waters even with a constant break. Additionally, there is a lookout beside it and a trail that leads you to one of the lighthouses in the island.

Even if you are not into bodyboarding, Makapu’u beach is one of my top 5 beaches in Oahu to hang out.

best beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu - Makapu'u Beach
best beaches for BodyBoarding in Oahu - Makapu'u Beach

Banzai- Pipeline Beach

Namely apt, when conditions are right this beach is known for big pipelines and great surfing conditions.

Sunset Beach

In the winter, sunset beach has serious waves of 15-20 feet way off shore. It is also famous for spectacular sunsets as the name suggests.

Aliʻi Beach Park

Surf competitions are held on this beach so be cautious when the waves are big.

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