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Biggest adventure of our lives

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You might have noticed my long absence from the blog and even social media. As far as excuses go, I actually have a pretty good one. Mr. Good Life and I have been pretty busy preparing for the Biggest Adventure of our Lives: our first baby!!!

We just reached our mid-point in the pregnancy and are super excited to share the news with you.

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How has your life changed so far?

It has changed a lot actually. I’ve had every pregnancy symptom you can imagine. From the extensive list of things that hormones are responsible for, the worst, was dealing with all-day sickness, fatigue and cramps. I like to describe it as the worst hangover I ever had 24/7. For the first 4 months, I was bed ridden and surviving on crackers and cream cheese.

We had to reassess travel plans, change our active lifestyle, and get used to the weird world of pregnancy (so much no one tells you!).

Maybe that’s why “baby brains” is a thing. You know, to make you forget all the bad stuff and want to do it again. Now that the first 4 months are behind us, I can only faintly remember what happened. I have entered the baby bliss phase, where I am just happy and excited and feeling so blessed to have this experience and to meet our baby.

How is the blog and social media accounts changing?

This blog will continue to be an outlet for travel writing, but will invariably contain our new addition and the experiences of parenthood. Our brand Good Life Xplorers was created with the intent that one day our family would grow and continue to explore the Good Life.

On social media, I have created a new Instagram account ( glxplorerbaby ) to share pregnancy, baby and parenthood news. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so our main Instagram account (goodlifexplorers) will remain focused on landscape and travel pictures. If you want to follow along our parenthood journey, make sure to follow the new account. 

I will be updating the blog more frequently now that I feel somewhat normal again. There are so many posts that were written, but not published from my trip to Asia and Indonesia.  I will also be working on some layout changes to accommodate the new content.

Will you stop traveling?

No way. Parenthood may be the Biggest Adventure of our Lives, but traveling is part of our lives. We expect to continue traveling after our bundle of joy arrives. Travel will be different, we understand that, but we will adapt. This year, for example, our international travel plans were affected by the Zika virus and Mr. Goodlife’s limited time off. When the baby comes, we will have to figure out how to get a baby through long-flights, secure an airplane cot, and everything in between.

Our active lifestyle and weekly hikes were affected by pregnancy symptoms, but we are slowly getting back to normal. We started taking weekend road trips with our new Jayco Travel Trailer and going on shorter, less demanding hikes. Next year, we fully expect to resume our explorations of this beautiful world, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Can you tell us more about your pregnancy?

Of course! I feel like there is so much women keep to themselves during this weird/wonderful period. I will do so in separate posts. I just wanted to give you a quick update why I have been so absent and what to expect going forward. If you have any specific questions, leave a comment below or feel free to hit me up on any of our social media channels.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support as we get ready for the Biggest Adventure of our Lives. If you are also expecting, congratulations and please share your news with us!


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