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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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These Easter Basket ideas range from traditional gifts to non-dairy, non-candy options for younger kids and kids with allergies.

Collage of gifts ideas for kids for Easter.

Celebrating Easter has become a fun tradition in our family ever since we welcomed our little one into the world almost two and half years ago! Time flies!

His first year he was less than 6 months old when Easter came around and we were in the trenches as first-time parents, so we didn’t give him an Easter basket.

Last year, R got to go to our neighborhood egg hunt and also received a non-dairy Easter basket filled with goodies that he throughly enjoyed.

He was perhaps a little too young to really appreciate the thrill of running with a bunch of kids in an open field covered with plastic eggs to try to gather as many eggs as he could.

This year however, he is old enough to understand that eggs have yummy surprises inside of them and he is old enough to know that sugar is delicious, so I think we will have no trouble getting him excited to egg hunt!

Today I am sharing with you some ideas for Easter Baskets gifts for kids ranging from 1-4 years old that I personally have purchased or have been gifted, as well as, gift ideas I have my eyes on for next year.

Easter Baskets

There are many options when it comes to purchasing an Easter Basket these days. From personalized baskets that grow with your child to more affordable options that can fit a theme for the year.

Here are some that I love:

Easter Basket Toy Ideas

If you are trying to stay away from chocolate and candy, these Easter Basket Toy Ideas are for kids ranging from 1-4 years old.

Easter Books for Kids

Sugary Treats

These sugary treats are always a big hit for kids and adults alike. If your kid can’t have dairy, some great options are gummy bears, lollipops or home baked goods.

I hope you enjoyed these Easter basket ideas for kids. I have also shared videos of What is in my kid’s Easter Basket on YouTube if you are interested!

I would love to know what you are giving your kids for Easter this year, so please leave a comment down below!

Happy Easter!

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    April 3, 2019 / 9:16 am

    I loved his picture!!! He was so baby !!! Lov u

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