Fall Favorites For 2018

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Hi friends,

Who is obsessed with Fall? I know I am. Specially this year, since we had such an unusually warm summer. And this girl isn’t happy when it’s so hot with no beach in sight!

So I welcomed the cooler temperatures with long sleeve sweaters, candles, tea and pumpkin spice everything!

Today, I am going to share with you my Fall Favorites for 2018!


I’ve recently tested the Honest lip crayon, the extreme length mascara and lash primer and the everything primer in Matte. I absolutely love the first two. The lip crayon’s color Marsala is a great fall color and the formula is super smooth and hydrating. If there is a downfall to this product is that it doesn’t last for hours or through a meal without re-application. It’s a trade off for the hydration and I use it as almost a lip gloss.

The mascara is fantastic! I’ve had so much trouble finding a mascara that stays put and won’t run through the day and irritate my eyes. I’ve tried high end brands and drugstore products, but only one other product has held up well. The problem is that it’s waterproof and a pain to remove. The Honest mascara however stays put and comes off easily so I am sold.

The everything primer is a great primer, however for a tinted primer, I expected more coverage to get a no-makeup look. But if your skin is flawless and you just need an extra something, this primer may work well for you.

I am also loving the NARS lip pigment in the color Slow Ride. The shade is bold, and I didn’t think it would suit me, but it does. Because it is a pigment, it stays on for a good 4hrs+ so it’s perfect for a date night in the fall.

If I am feeling extra sassy, I love to play with the Urban Decay Heat Palette. It’s bold, dramatic and just plain fun.

To clean it all up, I’ve tried the Perricone MD Micellar Water and fell in love. It leaves no residue!! Other micellar water leave my face feeling oily and in need of a wash, but not this product. It’s like magic!


I’m obssessed with The Ordinary products ever since I tried them for my hormonal acne prone skin and I just got a new order in the mail.

I’ve added a few product to my skincare regimen for this fall since my skin is in need for renewal.

For blemishes (my hormones are going crazy) I’ve added Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid. These will become part of my daily routine.

To renew the skin, I’ve added the AHA+BHA Peeling solution. I will be using it only once or twice a month when I have really bad breakouts.

For anti-aging, I am sidelining my currently Retinol and trying out the StriVectin S.t.a.r. Light Advanced Retinol that I just received in the mail. There are a couple of fine lines around the eyes that are starting to bother me, so it will be great to see if this product works. I will try it until the product is gone and do a review.

With all these products going on, I need sun exposure protection even when I am at home (the sunlight in Colorado is no joke!), so I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost sunscreen. It is light and has hyaluronic acid to hydrate my skin even more.

And since I live in Colorado, where the humidity often stays in the low double digits or less, I need all the hydration I can get. Once a week I’ve been using The Face Shop masks at night. I’ve bought these masks in South Korea, but you can find them below. They are amazingly refreshing and hydrating.

Here is my complete skincare product list:


Give me all the colors this fall!!! I’ve deviated from muted beiges and browns this season and fully embraced the bolder colors. I am loving these products and have added several pieces to my wardrobe.

Fall Activities

Every year we take a drive through Guanella Pass and this year we went pretty early and got to see some amazing colors. Right after that we got snow in Colorado and a lot of the leaves fell off, so we were lucky to have timed it just right.

Besides the pretty foliage drives, we are in full swing of Halloween with the kiddo. This is his first year going to Halloween events and he is slowly getting the hang of it. So far we’ve gone to the Pumpkin FestivalBoo in the Zoo and Trick or Treat Street.

Sometime before winter, I would love to bake a couple pies from scratch with the little one and if they come out all right, I will post recipes.


I haven’t done much cooking this month and probably won’t be doing much cooking until we come back from Florida, but if you are in need for quick and easy recipes check out my 5 Easy Crock Pot Meals and The Hearty Turkey Bean Soup.

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These are my fall favorites for 2018. What are yours? What should I be trying next?


Let me know how this post has helped you or what you would like to see in the future!

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