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Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months

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Before having a baby I knew nothing of the vast world of baby products. I mean nothing! I thought I would be able to get by with a crib, a car seat, clothes, diapers, wipes and the boob. And although these things are super important, they are really just the basics. There were so many other things that we needed to buy and even trying to stay minimalistic and only buy what was necessary, we ended up purchasing way more than we ever thought we would need. Some things were used everyday from Roark’s birth to his 3 month mark and others were only used a couple times. Mind you that I did quite a bit of research online before I bought everything and got tons of tips from other moms, but some things that we used a lot were not at the top of anyone’s list. Maybe it’s because every baby is different, but it could also be because these people assumed that I knew of these already?

So for first time mamas out there that are as clueless as I was, here are my favorite baby products for Birth to 3 Months.

Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months

Sleep sacks- swaddling seems to be all the rage when it comes to babies, but our little Roark didn’t really like being swaddled all the time. After two weeks he would fuss about being constricted in fabric. We tried swaddle blankets and sacks, but to no avail. The problem was that if we used a onesie and a swaddle, he would be hot and start sweating. If we swaddled him without a onesie, every time we changed his diaper, he would cry and cry because of the cold air. In addition, we were changing up to 20 diapers a day in the first 3 months and many of those diapers were at night, which meant we had to unswaddle and swaddle a lot. It got old really fast, so we tried the sleeping sack. It saved us a lot of trouble. Roark was able to move, but was still warm and when he needed a fresh diaper, since the zipper opens from the bottom up, we could change him without ever exposing the rest of his body to the cold air. Win, win, win!

The sleeping sacks we used were the Halo Sleep Sacks.

Nursing cover – I am all for normalizing breastfeeding. No mother should ever have to feel ashamed of feeding their babies because someone has their mind in the gutter, if you know what I mean!

However, I also think it should be up to each woman to decide for themselves what is most appropriate for them. I chose to use a nursing cover in public because I don’t want to expose myself around other people. I feel more comfortable knowing that if my child is fussy and distracted, my nipples won’t be all over the place. Sorry if this is too TMI, but breastfeeding can be messy and these are just one of the problems that can happen in public. So I bought a nursing cover and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made for breastfeeding. The fabric is light enough to keep Roark and I cool, but provides enough coverage to maneuver underneath it. We take it everywhere with us and I think it’s one of the reasons why Roark is able to feed so well no matter where we are.

The nursing cover we use is like this one.

Winter cover for carseat – we had a winter baby so during those first 3 months, we needed a winter cover for the carseat to take Roark to his doctor’s appointments and anywhere else we needed to go. We loved using the Bundle Me cover because it kept Roark warm, but it also didn’t have any loose fabric so it gave us peace of mind that he wouldn’t get tangled in any blanket and suffocate. This cover is thick, providing great protection against the weather.

The winter cover we used was the JJ Cole Winter Cover.

Breast pump – as a first time stay at home mom, I wasn’t sure how much I would use a breast pump, but as it turned out, I used it quite a lot in the first three months. I got my pump through my insurance and you can read all about it here, but if you need to buy yours, here is the one I got. Also if you need some tips on breastfeeding, read this post or watch this video.

Purmist inhaler – Roark was congested for at least 3 weeks of his first three months and couldn’t eat, breathe or sleep well because of it. Since he was too young to take any medication, the treatment was a combination of warm mist, nasal saline spray and Nosefrida. This inhaler made all the difference for Roark in being able to breath better and sleep. As soon as we started using it on him, he started getting better. To ease his anxiety of having something on his face, we usually would let him sleep in our arms and then hold the inhaler on his face. It worked like a charm!

Here is where you can find the Purmist Inhaler.

Baby feeding app – you can use any app or write it down, but keeping track of feeding times and diapers for the first few months is crucial to determine if baby is getting enough to eat and is hydrated. This app we dowloaded from the app store was amazing and it alerted us to the first sign of Roark’s dehydration as soon as he came home from the hospital. And even though I thought he was eating enough, because he was always on my breast, the lack of 6+ wet diapers in 24hrs were the first sign that something was wrong. Highly recommend downloading something on your phone.

Desitin diaper rash cream- since Roark developed a dairy/soy allergy, he started getting diaper rashes. Sometimes it can get quite bad and I have found that desitin is amazing! I can use it to prevent and treat the rashes and if he has a bad one, Desitin provides quick relief. I would buy tubs of this stuff and stock up. We now use it after all diaper changes.

You can order some here.

Swing and bouncer- when we were buying things for Roark, we wanted products that were multi-function so our house wouldn’t look like a daycare center. We had heard that most babies don’t use the swing past the 4-5 month mark and we thought it was a waste to buy a swing and a bouncer separately, so we looked for a product that could do both. The Graco swing/bouncer combination was the answer. Roark loves it still and the fact I can remove the swing and take it around the house is super efficient and multi-purpose.

You can find it here.

Baby wrap- I never thought I would be a baby wrap kind of mom, but I after trying out some baby carriers while pregnant, I understood why so many women chose the wrap over the carriers. The fabric is a lot softer and the product a lot more user friendly, specially when dealing with newborns in a phase in which their whole bodies need to be supported. I tried several wraps in store, but the Baby K’Tan was my favorite for two reasons – it was easier to put on and it had no left over fabric/bulk to worry about. I could set it up in a matter of minutes without having to remember how to tie knots and all of that. In addition, since it is made of fabric only, I was able to use it while traveling with Roark in an airport without ever taking it off, that means through security lines as well.

The only problem with this product is that you can’t share it with other caregivers because it is size specific so if your partner is larger or smaller than you, he/she would need a different wrap. Since I am the main caregiver for our son, I haven’t found this to be a problem. Even with Roark’s rapid growth, we are still able to fit him in. He loves to be carried this way when we are out and about and also around the house.

The baby wrap we use is the Baby K’Tan and you can find it here.

Diapers – you are probably thinking, well duh! of course diapers are on you favorite baby products for birth to 3 months! All babies need them right? Yes they do, but these diapers are on my list for a different reason. By far, the biggest factor of getting Roark to sleep through the night without a change of diaper was getting him into Pampers Baby Dry diapers. He really hated having wet diapers, but the baby dry diapers wicked the moisture from his body and allowed us to only feed him through the night without having to change him, which allowed us in turn to sleep longer and better. Win-win. He still wears them overnight.

During the day we prefer Huggies because the elastic feature on the back helps contain Roark’s blowouts. But one of the biggest lessons we learned about diapers is that each baby is different and you need to try different brands to see what fits your child the best. However, since you will be going through diapers faster than toilet paper, you probably want to get the best value for them. I found that Amazon has the best prices for diapers around. When you combine the convenience of having it shipped to your house every month, it’s a no-brainer. For full disclosure, we have a Prime account and order more than 5 products a month, so we get bigger discounts, but I think it’s worth looking into if you are going to add a little one to your family.

You can find the Pampers here and the Huggies here.

Diaper backpack – I got a diaper tote from our baby shower that I love, but during Christmas I bought my husband a more manly backpack from Fisher Price that he could carry around in times when I wasn’t around or when we were hiking. As it turns out, we have been using the backpack a lot more. For one, nothing falls out of it. It has plenty of pockets and a wipe pocket that faces outwards so it’s easily accessible when needed. In addition, we can switch between my husband and I easily and take it city to mountain without any issues. I specially like it while traveling when I need to keep track of several other things and don’t need to worry if something is falling out and getting lost from all the moving around during security screenings and airplane boarding. Since the one we have was more of a just in case gift to my husband, I may invest in a bigger one for upcoming trips, but for the first months our Fisher Price one did the job quite well.

The one we got is found here.

Nosefrida- if you have not heard about Nosefrida yet, then you haven’t had a child yet. This Swedish brand is killing it in the baby product market and has all the right to. Their snot sucking tubes are pretty disgusting to first time expecting parents, but once you have a congested child, all those worries go away. All you want is for your child to feel better and be able to eat and sleep well. So the Nosefrida becomes an invaluable tool to ease your little one’s breathing troubles. Plus, by the second week you have been covered in so many bodily fluids that a little snot is the least of your worries anyway! lol

You can get the Nosefrida here.

If you need more information on any of these products, watch the video I made here. Of course, you can also leave a comment below.

What are your favorite baby products for birth to 3 months?


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