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Flatirons Vista Trail

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Flatirons Vista Trail

Since we moved to Colorado and started exploring nearby areas, we have visited the city of Boulder a few times.

The first time we drove there, we happened to drive past the Flatirons and marveled at the sheer magnitude of these jagged plates of Earth and the great open space surrounding it. Since then I have wanted to hike those trails. The mountains have a magnetism that is hard to explain. I often drive past it and have the urge to pack a bag and loose myself in it, to reach the top, look beyond and keep going. Sounds crazy, I know, but I guess it’s my adventurous spirit. I feel something similar when I look at a map of the world.

For some reason or another, every time we planned to hike Flatirons Vista Trail we always had a change of plans. One time we ended up hiking one part of the Flatirons through Chatauqua park and on another time we drove past it and when we were looking for an alternate entrance, we ended up discovering Eldorado Canyon Park and decided to hike it instead.

With all these missed chances, I had my mind set on this trail for our third hike. Last Friday, we finally made to the Flatirons Vista Trail.

Upon arriving at the trail parking lot, the weather was a chilly 40F and the clouds were not looking too good. The forecast was for light snow, and I could tell the wind was picking up, but if there is one thing that Colorado has taught me about outdoor life is that there is no such thing as an off-season. You just prepare differently and grow a thicker skin! In fact, I used to hibernate all winter long when we lived in the East Coast, but in Colorado, I actually welcome the snow. Maybe it’s because in Colorado, even in the winter the sun shines 300+ days of the year. I swear, sunshine makes all the difference!

Upon 5 minutes into our hike, we were welcomed by a herd of free ranging cattle. It was such an odd sighting for a public area, but the cows were very chill and just eyed us with some curiosity as we walked by.

Other than the cows, the trail was pretty empty. After 1.5 miles we found ourselves in one of the best lookout areas, staring straight into the Flatirons as the sun started to come out. The hubby and I stared at it for a good 20 mins and I may have exclaimed a thousand adjectives in that period of time, but it was just spectacular!

We hiked a little further and decided to turn around as the temperature dropped even further and the sun started to set. This is a trail we will definetely go back to, maybe for an all day hike through the valley and up the Flatirons.

The Flatirons Vista Trail was a special hike for me for another reason as well, since our last hike in Waterton Canyon, I had a doctor check up and found out my blood sugar is back at normal levels after 1.5 years struggling with pre-diabetes. Yay! It’s such a relief to see that the hard work and my healthier lifestyle have paid off.

So cheers to good health and 49 more hikes to go!



  1. Steph
    January 21, 2016 / 5:50 am

    Sounds beautiful! You visit so many wonderful places. I will live vicariously through your travels. Glad to her you are well.

    • February 10, 2016 / 12:57 am

      Hi Steph, I am loving this place, what’s not to love right? I hope you and your family are also doing well. Thanks so much for continuing to support the blog!=)

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