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Little Colorado Toy Box Review

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Hello friends!

This week I had the pleasure to work on a really fun and fulfilling collaboration with the Little Colorado company which is based in Denver and makes the most adorable children furniture! They are currently holding a Kickstater campaign to raise funds to buy a printer that will allow them to print stock or custom designs right on the wood of the toy boxes and they asked me to review their product and help spread the word about the campaign.

To start off, let me just say that I completely underestimated the amount of toys a child will have even in the most minimalistic and frugal of households. The kid “play-zone” completely takes over multiple rooms. We are fast running out of places to hide the toys when we have company over, but this Toy Box will save us!

5 things that I love about the Toy Box from Little Colorado:

  1. Quality: you can tell the piece is high quality just by looking at it. Then you touch it and you know it! The finish is flawless, the box is sturdy and the printed design is perfect. No Vinyl decals that grubby little fingers can peel off in no time. No raised paint that can easily chip. The added bonus is that it’s made in Colorado, so I know it’s carefully assembled before it’s sold.
  2. Design: the options are endless when it comes to what you can print on these Toy Boxes. Little Colorado offers stock designs, but the coolest option in my opinion is that you can print your own design. Something no one else will have and that means something to your family and little one. For example, the Cow on this one lives across the street from the owner’s grandson and Moo is one of the first words he learned. How cool is that? Not feeling creative, you can have a picture or a name printed or just use one of the pre-existing designs!
  3. Children friendly: the entire Toy Box was designed with a child’s safety in mind. From corners that are rounded, to the rounded screws that protect from snags to the soft close of the lid so that no chubby fingers get caught. I absolutely love these features. The open handles on the sides also make me happy, because I know that one day the little one will insist in climbing in to hide in his Toy Box and there will be no shortage of air in there.
  4. Size: you have options on the size of the box, but I would recommend going big for the reason that you will run out of space before you run out of toys. The Toy Box is light enough that I can lift it by myself, yet sturdy enough that a child can climb on it and not break it. That is important, because we know that will happen many many times!
  5. Great value: for a product that will last years and is customizable, this Toy Box is a great bargain! A great gift to a child for any occasion!

I am including pictures and a video to go with my review because I want you to see how wonderful these Toy Boxes are!

And remember! Even though it’s only September, the holidays are around the corner. These boxes would make great gifts to loved ones! Don’t miss out the opportunity to buy them at a 20-25% discount through the Kickstarter campaign that ends on Sept 23rd!!!!

To learn more about all the amazing products and the Little Colorado company, visit their website here or read this article here.

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign and guarantee your Toy Box at a great discount, click here.

I hope you liked this review and learning about the Toy Box from Little Colorado. If you end up buying one, send me a picture on Twitter. I would love to see it!


* Little Colorado LLC provided me the product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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