LIVE FIT 4 Weeks Update

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Someone pinch me please! I am shocked that I am done with Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program! These past 4 weeks went by so fast that it didn’t even feel like work!

LIVE FIT 4 Weeks Update

I am not sure there is much difference yet. Here are some pics- pre and post Phase 1.

Even though I may not look different on the outside, I am glad I have been working on my LIVE FIT 4 Weeks Update each week so that I actually remember what it felt like during that time and the little accomplishments. Here is what happened:

The 1st Week

The first week of the program is the easiest. The program is smartly designed to be gradual so not only you build the habit of working out, but you start seeing results right away. Since I hadn’t been to the gym in a very long time. The first week was brutal. I was extremely sore. I took all my supplements and I still felt like I was walking like a penguin for the entire week. Normal movements hurt really bad. The thing that got me going to the second week was the fact that I felt good. I was happy to be exercising again. To my surprise, even after 17+ months out of the gym, I still had most of my strength (upper body). I guess mommy arms are really a thing! I can still lift basically the same weights I did 2 years ago. My lower body however needs a lot of work. I lost a lot of musculature and my lower back and glutes are a mess. I took it easy this week, making sure I kept perfect form and didn’t stress the area to avoid injury. I will have to work on it slowly so I can build muscle endurance before going for muscle growth.

Probably the biggest hurdle of this week was getting the courage to leave Roark at the on-site daycare at the gym. I had such a hard time with it specially as he didn’t do so well on the first visit. However, I know I need to keep going to the gym for my health and that it will be good for him to socialize, so I will have to keep trying.

The 2nd Week

It’s amazing how much progress you can see in just two weeks. At the end of the second week, I could already see a change in my body. I lost a couple pounds, but the real difference is that I don’t feel as sore or stiff. I did all my workouts, lifted the same weights, but felt a lot better afterwards. I also was able to start seeing my muscles again- yes, that fast. They are no where close to having definition, but my legs feel harder and my biceps even made an appearance. My jeans also fit better and my stomach is flatter.

However, I do feel more tired. The combination of exercise, new diet and a toddler that doesn’t like napping, is really doing a number on me. It could also be my thyroid levels. I will need to wait a couple more weeks to see if my numbers are back to normal. Meanwhile, I am trying to get at least 6-7hrs of sleep.

The 3rd Week

I hit a plateau with my weight loss and also had a couple of cheats. But I didn’t skip the gym. Even though the scale didn’t move, I noticed an increase in strength. I can lift more weight each week, which means I am getting stronger and building more muscles, which will in turn burn more fat. One of the things I didn’t understand before doing this program is that you can stay at the same weight, but as long as you are replacing fat with muscles, your body can look completely different.

I am still very motivated at this point, but I know in the next month, it will get harder, so to keep the motivation up, I booked our first vacation of the year for just after the end of the program. We are going back to Hawaii!!!! There is no better motivation than the beach for me!

The 4th Week

This week started with a hitch. We all got sick with hand, foot and mouth disease and I didn’t have the energy to do a full workout and didn’t want to spread the germs at the gym, so I missed my workouts for a few days. I still ate clean and did some exercises at home just to get the heart rate up, but nothing like going to the gym. Surprisingly, I dropped another 2 pounds. Being sick may have helped since I had a hard time eating with all the sores in my mouth (sorry for the TMI).

Once I felt better, I was ready to hit the gym. I did all the workouts and on the last day of the phase 1, I looked back at my log and realized I was lifting 25 lbs more in one of the leg exercises than I did in the first week. Even though I only lost 4 lbs in the 4 weeks in this phase, the amount of additional weight I am able to lift tells me I am getting stronger and fitter. That is super motivating!

The Stats

Of course, I can tell you how I feel, but without the numbers to back it up, it’s only anecdotal, right? I got a call from my doctor a couple days ago and I am so happy!

My thyroid and glucose levels are back to normal, which means in one month of clean eating and exercise, I was able to reverse my pre-diabetes. I can’t express how good it is to feel like I have control over my health again.

The cherry on top is that I also took measurements of my body parts and I lost 2 inches in my waist. I can definitely tell my midsection looks leaner. I also noticed that the gap in my stomach muscles (diastasis recti) has shrunk from 2 fingers width to 1. Considering that in this phase, Ab workouts were only done once a week, this amount of change is pretty amazing!

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I am feeling awesome as I start the second phase of the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program! I know it will get much harder this month- workouts 6 days a week with 30 mins of cardio added to weights, so I hope I can continue to stay motivated. Doing this LIVE FIT 4 weeks update really helps to see the difference!

“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.”

I will be back in another 4 weeks to give another update. If you would like more frequent updates, I share some of it on my Instagram stories. And I did a LIVE FIT 4 weeks update video on my channel.




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