My first video of Vlogmas 2018 is here!

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Hi friends! It’s freaking December and Vlogmas 2018 is here!

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2018 already! My baby turned 2 and we are less than 24 days to Christmas! This year, I am feeling super festive and now that I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did last year being a new parent, I decided to try doing Vlogmas.

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What is Vlogmas?

If you watch YouTube, you probably already know, but if you don’t, here is Vlogmas in a nutshell: a video a day for every day in December until Christmas Day. Video creators share their lives and activities leading to the most wonderful day of the year. Vlogmas is a great way to get to know YouTubers – most of the videos are vlogs about their daily lives, so a little more personable and raw (since we don’t have much time to edit).

I have wanted to do Vlogmas since I started making videos, but it’s such a big time commitment that I never felt able to do it justice. However, this year, I made an effort to get better at making videos and editing and that gave me the confidence to take this up this year. I am also making an effort to curb my perfectionist streak which means publishing videos even if I don’t think they are perfect. This is a biggie for me, because I have hard drives full of videos I shoot and just never publish.

My Vlogmas 2018

So for vlogmas, I decided to make a variety of videos. There will be hauls, decoration, cooking and of course daily vlogs of what we are doing this holiday season. There are a few activities that will be so fun for us this year since R is a lot more aware – like pictures with Santa and holiday lights. We are also traveling to the farm for a last-minute family wedding, so we will be busy, but the content should be entertaining!

I hope you join me for VLOGMAS 2018 on YouTube and if you like the videos – please subscribe and turn on the notifications bell. I am trying to grow my channel to 1,000 subscribers and would love if you helped me get there! You can click on this link to subscribe! Thank you!

What are some activities you do every year with your family to celebrate the season?


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