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Road trip to Loveland, Colorado

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Last weekend we took a two day road trip to Loveland with baby R to participate in the festivities of the Fire and Ice Festival. It takes place every year in the “sweetheart city” around Valentine’s Day. Since we have a little one now, we decided to stay the night in a hotel so we wouldn’t need to be in the car for too long. Baby R still hasn’t associated the car seat with fun. But in time he will.

The Fire and Ice Festival is free to the public and it’s easily accessible from Denver by car. The festival offers entertainment for people of all ages and nightly fireworks. Loveland is also a neat small town with a diverse offer of restaurants, microbreweries and shops.

We ate dinner at Door 222, a tapas restaurant with a refined interior and creative menu. Door 222 was built with over 70% recycled material.

The next day, we popped in to the very casual New Orleans’ themed restaurant Mo’Betta Gumbo. Mirrors, beads and fake jewels cover the walls and ceiling and shots of moonshine are sold outside during the festival. A big contrast to Door 222, but a good place for a casual meal or drinks.

We really enjoyed being able to resume our lifestyle and explore the state of Colorado with the little one. The weather cooperated with record highs of 80 F in February. What a treat!

We had hoped that we would be able to walk on some of the trails around Loveland on the next day, but we had a drop of over 20 degrees and the wind picked up, so we decided to come home a little earlier. I am really looking forward to hitting the trails again with baby R, but we will have to start slow. The logistics of breastfeeding and changing a baby on a trail are a little overwhelming at the moment. It wouldn’t be a great idea to add cold weather to these challenges. So for now, we will continue to explore nearby attractions on the weekends.

Our road trip to Loveland was a great introduction of travel to Baby R and he adapted extremely well, sleeping all night and not minding one bit all the new sights and smells or a new place. Could it be that we have passed the travel gene down to him? I hope so!

Where do you explore during your weekends?



  1. Ro
    February 17, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Wow….Roark’s first trip !!! So exciting !!! He is a nice little boy ! Good job mom ! Love U

  2. February 18, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Thanks for sharing the festival with us and the cuteness of Roark. 🙂

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