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Baby 3-4 Months Update

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Hello friends!

It’s time for Roark’s Baby 3-4 months Update! If you haven’t read his last update, click here.

I am still in a daze and there are still times when I look at him and can’t quite believe it’s all real. I can’t believe I am a mother, that he is my baby, that he fit into my belly and how big he has gotten. I am so in love with the little guy!

Post-Partum Update

I don’t have quite enough for a full post, but here are some updates of what’s happening with me.

As far as my recovery, I am good as new. I am still a couple lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I haven’t done anything to loose it so I am not worried. I know as soon as I go back to working out and eating a protein based diet, the lbs will drop. Ideally I would like to loose another 10 lbs past my pre-pregnancy weight, but that will take some time and effort.

For now, just carrying and lifting Roark has started toning my arms- the boy is a chunk!

My body however has changed shape quite a bit. I am still a cup larger on top and my hips are wider. Side effects from giving birth. For this reason, I’ve been updating my wardrobe (haul coming soon!).

My hair has started falling again. Many people say it falls in chunks, but to me it’s just a normal amount. I guess the fact that for 9 months there was no hair shedding and then all of the sudden the shedding begins again, makes it seem like a lot. This is one side-effect of being pregnant that I would like it to last forever. It would save me a lot of vacuuming. 

I have gone dairy/soy-free for Roark since he developed a dairy/soy “allergy”. Apparently many babies have this and it shows up out of nowhere and disappears just as mysteriously. It’s been easy to let go of dairy/soy as a main ingredient since I am not a milk drinker, but it’s been a struggle to figure out what I can eat out and also to say no to those tempting desserts. I fall out of the wagon every once in a while and then when I am dealing with a fussy baby the next day I feel guilty as hell. So I have been keeping in line lately. Thankfully, Roark only has a mild case of dairy “allergy” because his symptoms not as bad compared to other kids.

Finally, I have joined a moms group in my neighborhood. It’s been great to have access to playgroups and events and to meet other stay-at-home moms during the week. I get some much needed adult interaction and Roark gets to socialize with other babies and kids. It’s beneficial for both of us and a great way to learn about parenting and meet new people. Here is a link to the national website. There are over 2,000 clubs across the U.S. so if you are looking for a way to meet other moms, check it out.

Baby R’s Stats

At Birth:  6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches tall, size newborn clothes and diapers.

2 weeks old: 7 lbs 3oz and measured 20.25 inches tall, size 0-3 months clothes and size 1 diapers.

2 months old: 11 lbs 11oz and measured 22.75 Inches tall, size 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.

4 months old: 15 lbs 6 oz and measured 25.5 inches tall, size 9 months clothes and size 3 diapers.


Baby R is exclusively breastfed, saved for emergency situations when formula feeding is necessary. Thankfully, we haven’t had to do that lately. I have also built a small supply of frozen breast milk in case we need it.

Roark eats every 2-3hrs and he is fine eating any time, any where. He’s quite a pro at eating in the backseat of the car! lol

He burps a lot better now- by just sitting up, and that has been quite an improvement to previous months when we had to keep patting him in the back for an hour after feeding. However, he still chokes quite frequently when the milk comes out too fast or he is too eager to eat. Or when he tries to stick several fingers in his mouth and ends up sticking them in his throat! 


We have a lot less dirty diapers now (3-5 a day), but still plenty wet ones. I have recently switched him to a size 3. The number of blowouts usually let me know that we need to upgrade a size. We still prefer Huggies for daytime and Pampers Baby Dry for night time. However, we may not need the Baby Dry diapers at night in the near future as the day diapers seem to do fine at night now.


Baby R is a good sleeper, but his naps are getting a lot shorter, usually lasting only 30-45 mins. He takes 3-5 naps throughout the day and goes to sleep at 10pm. He wakes up 3 times during the night to feed and then wakes up around 8 am. This schedule is his natural schedule, we have not sleep trained him and although his bedtime may seem late, it works for us, because we go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, so I am not loosing more sleep than needed.

He sleeps well on his tummy and even though we lay him to sleep on his back, he soon turns on his tummy. He wakes up crying sometimes and with time I realized that sometimes he can soothe himself back to sleep. Often within a minute or so he is asleep again. If he continues to cry, I always pick him up. Sometimes he feeds and goes back to sleep and sometimes he is just done with the nap.

Milestones – Baby 3-4 months update

Oh my! Baby Roark has learned and developed so much in the past couple months. It’s amazing! I am fascinated by all his growth spurts and new little things he picks up almost daily.

Here are a few new things he is doing:

  • Smiling
  • Giggling when tickled
  • Rolling both ways
  • “Talking” up a storm
  • Standing on his ExerSaucer
  • Discovering his feet
  • Grabbing toys, using hands to grip, hit, pinch, and pull
  • Chewing on his hands constantly – he does not take a pacifier and may be teething

He absolutely does not stay still for very long and he may be getting a little separation anxiety- he tends to cling a little more to me now.

He loves to do tummy time, read books, watch YouTube nursery rhyme videos and to take baths. He is also becoming more curious of other kids around him during our playgroups.

Finally, Some Thoughts on Motherhood

I want to share a few of my thoughts here so I can look back in the future and remember this time.

As a new mom, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by emotions I can’t quite describe – a sense of vulnerability like I have never felt before. My heart is literally now outside my body and I am exposed. I feel very protective of him and sometimes, being an older mom, I get tears in my eyes knowing one day I won’t be there to take care of him. It’s crazy, but it’s also good. I feel a love I have never felt before. Seeing the world through his eyes reminds me that the world is vast, but that happiness is found in small, simple things – a giggle, a cuddle, chubby little fingers wrapped around mine, eyes that are so new and pure and yet see right through my soul.

I often just stare at him, afraid of missing a single moment. I am taking everything in because I know I am blessed to be his mom. When everything could have gone wrong, they didn’t. I feel very grateful to the universe for the opportunity to be a mother and I am not taking it for granted. He is my first and may be also my only child, so I need time to slow down, to grant me more morning smiles, more baby sounds, more tickles and soft touches…more everything.

For someone who always doubted if motherhood was something I wanted, I can’t imagine life without him, yet I know down in my core, that it all happened at the right time.


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