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Seoul: Gwangjang Market

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When visiting Seoul, South Korea, don’t miss Gwangjang Market, which has hundreds of stalls serving various delicacies and and try the famous Bindaetteok.

If you want to travel like a local, then you must visit at least one food market while abroad. Food is one of the pillars of a culture and walking through a food market gives you a window into how locals eat and live every day.

Food stall seller and dinners at Gwangjang Market Seoul South Korea
Food stall at Gwangjang Market Seoul South Korea

What is Bindaetteok?

Bindaetteok (mungbean pancake) at Gwangjang Market, Seoul, South Korea

Bindaetteok are Mung Bean pancakes, crispy on the outside and served with a sauce made of soy sauce and onions. It’s filling, delicious and super cheap. Traditional recipes are gluten free, but be sure to check before ordering if you have allergies.

The tricky part is to choose your stall because there are so many and they look equally appetizing. To order, simply sit on the stall bench and signal how many you want.

If you are more adventurous, there are several stalls serving food that I could not even begin to describe. If you would like to try silk worm, they sell those here as well.

Silk Worms for sale at Gwangjang Market, Seoul, South Korea

Towards one end of the market, you can find many full-service restaurants if you want a more traditional experience.

What else is available at the Gwangjang Market?

For those looking to shop in South Korea, Gwangjang Market has a little of everything. Rows and rows of textile and fascinating hanboks, the traditional Korean dress. These are so pretty that I almost bought myself one – that is, until I saw the price tag, upwards of U$400. They are made to order in the market or you can buy the ones already on display. The little hanboks for kids were absolutely adorable!

Textiles for sale at Gwangjang Market, Seoul, South Korea
Children's Hanboks for sale at Gwangjang Market, Seoul, South Korea

Be advised that not every vendor at Gwangjang Market is keen to have their picture taken, even if your subject is the food not the people, so ask first or you might get a few “stern looks”.

Women cleaning meat at Gwangjang Market, Seoul, South Korea

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Do you enjoy visiting food markets?

This post was updated on April, 2019.


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