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Seoul: Namsangol and Bukchon Hanok Villages

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If you want to see a traditional Korean village, you need to check out Namsangol and Bukchon Hanok Villages. The narrow streets and traditional buildings transport you to several centuries ago when these types of house were common. In the villages, there are examples of living, sleeping and dining quarters as well as samples of the big clay pots used in the fermentation of Korean dishes popular in local cuisine.

Both villages are a good example of the architecture of the time and offer cultural events for tourists for small fees. You can try your hand at calligraphy, indigo printing, doll making, lacquer or embroidery. If art is not your thing, you can rent a traditional costume to walk around the village in or If you are interested in spending the night in a traditional Hanok, there are several guest houses accommodation options in Bukchon.

If you only have time for one of the villages, my favorite was Bukchon. It’s a little more dispersed than Namsangol, but people still live there and the narrow alleys are full of surprises. It is also near a variety of restaurants to replenish your energy after your walk. It also offers free tours in many languages. Make sure to reserve the tour online a few days before your visit.

For more information on Namsangol and Bukchon Hanok Villages, click here and here.

Namsangol Hanok Village:

Bukchon Hanok Village:


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