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What to pack for a hike

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In this post, I share with you what to pack for a hike – from the 10 essentials to items beyond the basics that will make your hike more comfortable and enjoyable.

Items to pack for a day hike in the summer

Summer is almost here and I am gearing up to start hiking the trails near me. I love to be outdoors all year round, but since I hike mostly in high altitudes (above 7,000 ft), summer is when the Rocky Mountains really come alive, flowers bloom, wildlife roam and temperatures are warm enough that I don’t need a heavy coat.

In preparation for this busy time of the year, I am getting my backpack ready with my ultimate essentials for the day hikes we plan on exploring this summer. When traveling or hiking, I like to be prepared for any spur of the moment adventures by having all non-perishable items always packed in my backpack!

Mission Instant Cooling Gear

Since this is summer the sun’s power is much stronger when hiking at increased altitudes, I am packing the Mission Instant Cooling Gear, with technology that enhances the natural process of evaporation, allowing me to be cool (in more ways than one) and comfortable for hours so I can do more outdoors! The Max Cooling Towel is made of soft fabric so you can wipe away sweat and cools down to 30 degrees below your body temperature when activated with water. The Cooling Bucket Hat cools down instantly and provides ample sun protection with its wide brim. The Cooling Compact Neck Gaiter is a great, versatile product that can be worn around your neck or on your head to keep you cool during a long day in the sun.

The technology in these products is amazing! They instantly cool when wet, provide UPF 50 sun protection, and are chemical free and machine washable! They are also super lightweight and can be activated anywhere there is a water source, making them great for a hike.

Want to try the Mission Cooling products for yourself? Click on the image above to purchase the products and use code JANA25 for 25% off your first purchase!

I thought the technology used in the Mission Cooling products was too good to be true, so I put it to a test in a trail near me and my mind was blown!

The activation process is super simple: Wet it, wring out excess water and wave in the air (hat) or snap it 3 times (towel and neck gaiter) and it is COOL for hours!

I couldn’t believe it, but it worked. I felt refreshed right away and had to keep the hubby from stealing it!

What to pack for a hike

The items I always have packed and ready are what I consider the basics for any shorter day hike (less than 6 hrs), also called the 10 essentials in hiking terms.

These are the items that will keep me safe during a hike in case of an emergency. I never venture out into nature without them, even if it’s only for a few hours. I have used many of these items at least once while hiking or camping.

10 Essentials

  1. Compass (preferably one that includes a mirror) and map
  2. Sun protection: Mission Cooling Bucket Hat, sunscreen, eyeglasses
  3. Fire tools (waterproof matches, dryer lint and aluminum wool)
  4. Food + extra
  5. Water + extra
  6. First aid kit (important to check it from time to time for expiration dates)
  7. Headlamp and batteries
  8. Layers (including rainproof clothing and extra wool socks)
  9. Multi-tool or knife
  10. Tarp and rope (for a variety of uses: shelter, keeping dry from weather or emergency situations)

What to Pack for a Hike: Beyond the Basics

After the 10 essentials comes the fun part – the items that make you comfortable during a hike and allow you to enjoy mother nature.

  • Mission Cooling Compact Neck Gaiter
  • Mission Max Cooling Towel
  • Fully charged phone
  • Camera
  • Plastic bags
  • “Nature calls” essentials (toilet paper, hand sanitizer)
  • Wet wipes
  • Chocolate or cookies

If you are looking to keep cool this summer so you can do more, don’t forget to check out the Mission Cooling Products and use the code JANA25 for 25% off your first purchase!!

In this list, I left out what to pack for a hike with a toddler, but if you are interested in that, please leave a comment below and I will write another post for that.

What do you pack for a hike in the summer?

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