Mt. Evans, Colorado

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Mt. Evans is a fourteener

If you are wondering what a Fourteener is, you have come to the right place. Two months ago, I had never heard of it either. A Fourteener is a mountain that peaks over 14,000 feet or 4,300 meters. There are 53 such mountains in Colorado and a culture around conquering these high elevation peaks that is intoxicating!

Interested in experiencing a Fourteener, but afraid you don’t have the physical prowess of a professional athlete? Fret not! A couple of these mountains are accessible by car or bike. I know, I know. Die hard mountaineers are probably rolling their eyes at the screen at this point, but hiking to such elevations is a physically extraneous activity that requires preparation, experience and endurance, which let’s face it, not all of us have.

Alas, with all the beautiful nature around us and the desire to explore it, the hubby and I decided it would be a great day-trip to drive up Mt. Evans, the 14th highest Fourteener in the state which is fully accessible by car. Here are a few pictures of our trip to show you what it is like and why it’s worth a visit.

Maybe next year we can actually hike it instead of driving. I am sure it will be quite a different experience.

What is the highest mountain you have ever climbed?



Summit Lake 2
Summit Lake is really beautiful. Bring a jacket and wear pants and gloves if you plan on staying out for a small hike. It’s windy and cold, even in the summer. Also, drink plenty of water, you will feel the effects of high altitude even if just taking a stroll. There are facilities here, but no running water.
Summit Lake Path
Summit Lake Path- if you are not used to high altitude, this simple walk will knock you out. Pace yourself and make sure to carry water.
Summit Lake
Summit Lake- Beautiful. Take a break from the drive here and appreciate its beauty. Pets are welcome, but make sure to clean after your pooch.
3 Lakes
3 Lakes- this view is breathtaking and would be worth a hike.
Mt Evans Lake Colorado
When the snow cap melts, it fills Summit Lake and these “ponds” that provide water to the lush plants and animals that inhabit the mountain.
Mt Evans Crevice Colorado
This crevice is huge. The picture does not capture its magnitude. Also driving to the peak can be quite nerve recking as the road is very narrow, curvy and there are no barriers to the cliffs. For this reason, it takes a while to get to the top and the roads are closed during the winter. It opens Memorial Day and closes Labor Day.
Mt. Evans Landscape
Mountains and Mountains for miles. It’s really breathtaking!
Mt Evans Landscape Colorado
Several species of animals and plants call Mt. Evans home. In fact there are plants here that only exist in the Artic.
Peak of Mount Evans
There was a herd of goats at the peak and the navigated the rocky inclines with ease. The humans, not so much…
Goats at the Peak of Mt Evans
I really love watching the goats at the peak of Mt Evans. Their fur looks so soft and so white!


For more pics, check out the Instagram feed.


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