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Baby Boy Shower Haul

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Hi friends!

This video has been a long time coming. I had several issues with filming it in natural light and ended up with a little bit of a grain, specially towards the end, but hopefully it does the trick.

When we first announced we were pregnant to our families, my amazing sister in law typed up a list of her favorite baby products. That was the start of a great registry list, which came soon after. Balancing between must-haves products vs. nice-to-haves was a priority for us. Over the past few years we are making a more conscious effort to de-clutter our lives and we wanted the baby to come into this world with a de-cluttered nursery and house. I know it’s a grand goal, but it’s one we want to try for anyway.

So, we registered for things that were practical – diapers, sleep sacks, receiving blankets, crib sheets, bath tub, car seats, etc… Through the generous contribution of our family and friends we stocked up on clothes, towels, burp cloths, toys, books and many of the items on our list.

Being a planner, I wanted to get most of the big items for the nursery ahead of our shower, so we purchased the crib, the mattress, the glider/ottoman set and built the dresser ourselves.

We just ordered the last nice-to-have items on our list with our completion discount from Amazon. Being less than 2 months away from delivery, it feels so good to know we managed to stay away from extensive lists and still stocked up for the baby’s first months.

As a first time mom, it was so helpful to get advice from friends who recently had kids on what you really need vs. what is marketed as a need. I still don’t understand why crib bumpers are sold in major baby stores when it has been proved to be a hazard to babies. Still, if you follow the generic baby registry lists out there, most include a full bedding set that is not advisable for use with a baby. It’s so confusing!

But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the baby boy shower haul video. More videos will be coming shortly!



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