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Baby Haul 6-9 Months

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It is time for Baby Haul 6-9 Months!

Before Roark was born, I was researching high and low for how many pieces of clothes I should buy per age range. I found a variety of lists that I used to gauge my shopping, but none of them actually explained that my son would only wear clothes of a certain size for one month or so. It’s not their fault, Roark is just growing by leaps and bounds.

When Roark was born he was just skin and bones. I guess being born early didn’t allow him to build the fat layer. The picture below was taken 2 weeks after birth. You can see his ribs!

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In the four months since, he more than doubled his weight and grew by one third of his birth length. It seems like I blink and poof, he has grown some more. The picture below was a couple days ago at 4 months. He has rounded up nicely!

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With all the growth, we are now between the 6 and 9 months size clothes! Since all the clothes I previously bought for Roark for this size range were for fall, I needed to buy some spring/summer pieces for the hotter days.

In this Baby Haul 6-9 Months video I also share some purchases that were made before Roark’s birth that I hadn’t shared before.

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