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Cedar Gulch Trail

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We managed to get out to explore a new trail ahead of Super Bowl this past weekend. I am not too big into football, but I have always liked Manning and since this was allegedly his last season, I had to tune in. I was not impressed by the Broncos offense, but I have become a fan of Von Miller after watching the playoffs and this last game. The man plays like he is still auditioning for a scholarship to college! I have never seen anything like it. In the world of professional sports where most players seem to have lost passion for the game, it’s refreshing to see a player who puts it all on the line for the team and plays with hunger, you know? But, anyway, enough of football, let’s talk trail.

Cedar Gulch Trail

Cedar Gulch Trail is part of the Mt. Galbraith Park and the Jefferson County Open Space and free to the public. It’s a hiker only trail, a good thing since the trail is very narrow. The trail is 1.3 miles one-way and ties into Mt. Galbraith Loop Trail (1.6 miles) and Nightbird Gulch Trail (1.8 miles- one way). We started at 6,850 ft of elevation and hiked to 7,120ft right at the tie into the other two trails.

Trail Conditions

It took us 2hrs to do the 3 miles hike in a normal walking pace and lots of stops for pics and just taking the view in. We were being cautious because at some points the trail was narrow and icy and we didn’t pack traction cleats for our hiking boots – amateur hikers here. It was hair-raising in some spots where a fall would definitely mean sliding down the side of the mountain. Hiking poles helped. Yikes!

I slid and fell a couple of times (thanks snow for breaking my falls!), but no injuries. I can’t say the same for my fellow hikers, as we spotted drops of fresh blood around some of the most slippery parts.

The weather was chilly, specially in early afternoon, but we still broke a sweat as we hiked upwards the whole way to the turn around point. The sweat factor was also due to the overlayering to keep warm. I rather be sweating than freezing, so I am usually that hiker that looks like a snowman.

The views

For a trail that is easily accessible from a road, this trail offered great views of the neighboring mountains and the cities of Golden and Denver. There were several birds singing at us and on the way back we ran into a large herd of deer.  On the backside of the trail, it was really quiet. I have put Cedar Gulch Trail on the list of favorites hikes for a short and sweet hike close to home.

For more information on Mt.Galbraith and the Cedar Gulch Trail visit this site. For previous hikes related to the 52HikeChallenge click here.

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