Gross Reservoir: Hike of the week 10/52

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A busy week

Last week we were busy adventuring and living the good life. It started with my mid-week hike at North Table Mountain that left me couch ridden for a couple of days, followed by a long drive in the middle of the night to Jefferson lake to try to shoot the milky way that ended in failure and rounded up by a couple hikes in the weekend around Boulder.

Scouting for the Milkyway

Since joining a couple of photography groups in Colorado, I have been obsessing about finding locations with no light pollution and a water body to shoot the milky way. Most of the time I find incredible locations for hikes, but these locations close at dusk, meaning it’s been incredibly hard to find places to shoot the milky way. If you have any tips on this, please let me know.

Last week, we drove to Jefferson past midnight in order to try our luck at Jefferson Lake, but upon arriving at the location we were stopped by the access gate and being pitch dark and extremely cold and windy, I didn’t have the courage to hike the extra 4 miles in the dark. I was terrified really.

Gross Reservoir

During this research to find dark locations, sometimes I find cool places to hike. The Gross Reservoir is one of those good finds. About one hour drive from Denver and forty minutes from Boulder, Gross Reservoir sits at 7,225ft of elevation and spreads over 440 acres that include the reservoir, the dam and the land with multiple trails that surround it. Water sports are allowed and it is a great place for a hike or a picnic. All the amenities looked new and well-kept: picnic tables with grills and etc. We were there only shortly, hiking 2-miles to the water and back. Although quick, I can already see myself back there when the weather warms up a little more, maybe rent a kayak or SUP… Ah! Summer vibes!


For more information on Gross Reservoir click here.

Do you have any favorite locations for night photography?


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