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How to spend a day in Seattle

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If you are visiting the Washington State, then you must spend a day in Seattle. An eclectic city with vibrant neighborhoods, it’s home to tech giants and famous artists. A great place to spend 24 hrs.

We spent a few days in the city of Seattle and although I was busy attending a conference most of the time, on our last day in Seattle when we were mostly sightseeing.

This guide is very mellow as there is so much to see in Seattle that a day is not enough, but if you want to take in the main places and not have to rush through the day, then this guide will help you make the most of your 24hrs in Seattle.

How to Spend 24hrs in Seattle

Skyline of Seattle with Space Needle

[ 1 ] Space Needle

This Space Disk shaped building is so easily accessible by monorail and a landmark in the city of Seattle. If you decide to go up, there are several ticket options available, including a Night and Day pass. There is also a restaurant in the Space Needle if you want to take the view in style.

Space Needle reflected on building  in Seattle

[ 2 ] Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center offers really cool events for all ages monthly. From hands-on events to a planetarium or IMAX experience, the Pacific science center has something for everyone in the family.

This art installation located right outside of the pacific science center is also pretty high tech. Created by Dan Corson and commissioned by the Pacific Science Center, these 40 feet tall “flowers” interact with visitors by making music. It’s pretty fascinating!

Sonic Blooms Seattle

[ 3 ] Eat at the Armory, Kizuki or Serious Pie

The Space Needle and other attractions are all conveniently located within the Seattle Center. Within this complex, you can find different dining options from street vendors to high end restaurants. If you are looking for a quick bite, head on to the food court called the Armory for a variety of eats.

If you out and about town, try Kizuki for delicious Ramen and Japanese offerings.  

Japanese Food in Seattle
Ramen in Seattle

If you are in the mood for gourmet pizza, try Serious Pie.

Serious Pie Seattle

[ 4 ] Pike Place Market

Iconic like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market is a place for a little of everything. This is where you can find vibrant produce and groceries, beautiful and very reasonably priced flower bouquets, the first Starbucks store, the biggest cookies I have ever seen, freshly made cheese and juices, some of the best restaurants in town and of course the Gum Wall.

It takes at least a couple hours to sightsee the market so plan accordingly. It’s always busy, but specially crowded on the weekends. Here is their site for more info.

Public Market Farmers Market Pike Place Seattle
Pike Place Fish Co
Seattle pike place market flowers
Seattle pike place market fruit stall

[ 5 ] Gum Wall

It’s a little disturbing to see all these pieces of gum glued to the wall, but the visual appeal of colorful candy that has been chewed on and no doubt still contains the DNA of its donors glued on an alley wall, make for a pretty cool background for pictures. Just be careful not to get too close, pieces fall out of it all the time. Yuck!

Gum wall in Seattle

Here is our video of how to spend a day in Seattle.

If you are heading to the area, don’t forget to read my post on the Olympic National Forest.

Have you been to Seattle? What’s your favorite place to visit?

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Pike Place Market and skyline of Seattle from water with the Space Needle

This post was updated in May 2019.


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