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Last day in Paraty

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On our last day in Paraty, we decided to take it easy with a boat ride, spending time with family. We were all quite tired the day after my brother’s wedding because as anyone over 30 knows, recovering from a night of partying is not as easy as it used to be.

My cousin chose our mode of transportation- a kitschy love-themed boat that was actually pretty comfortable and a great bargain. Only U$18/hour for up to 20 people. The captain took us around the bay and to nearby islands to bathe, sightsee and feed fish. It was so relaxing and the weather (overcast) was just perfect for lounging around.

The house we rented was actually a bed and breakfast called Carpe Diem. If you plan on visiting Paraty, check them out. It was a beautiful place with wonderful staff and really ideally located. They include a wonderful breakfast with freshly baked cakes every morning – Brazilians eat cake for breakfast, if you need another reason to visit…

After a relaxing last day in Paraty, we returned to Rio for a couple more days before heading back home and I am so glad we spaced out our travel days that way. It took us 4.5 hrs to drive between Paraty and Rio because the maximum speed limit is 80km/hr and the entire road is filled with speed traps and reduced speed zones. Unfortunately, it is about the same distance from Sao Paulo and just as painful to get to from there. I think that is why is still fairly undiscovered by mass tourism.

When we arrived in Rio, we found out that the whole city had been covered in fog for a day or two. It is such a rare event that they actually cancelled many flights. We got an spectacular view of the fog over Copacabana beach.

As beautiful as it was, my only concern was that we wouldn’t be able to visit the landmarks we had planned on seeing before heading home. It would be such a shame to go to Rio and not see the Christ and Sugar Loaf Mountain, so I crossed my fingers hoping it would clear out enough for us to take a tour. And I think it worked because the next day we were able to do it. I will cover the tour on my next post.

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