Waterton Canyon: Hike of the week 2/52

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Waterton Canyon Colorado
Waterton Canyon

Our hike this week was at Waterton Canyon Recreation Area, which is a great place for a day hike near Denver. This trail is also popular with cyclists, runners, fishermen and horseback riders and it’s open year-round.

I love this trail because it’s pretty flat with a creek that runs along the way. We hiked about 4.5 miles round-trip with a few photo stops along the way. We could have kept going until we pretty much reached Durango (very, very far away) as the trail connects with the Colorado trail, but it’s was getting brutally cold out and I was getting hungry (the main reason for the end of the hike).

I was hoping I would be able to get some pictures of the bighorn sheep that live in Waterton Canyon, as I had heard they had been on the road a couple times in the past week, but no luck. We saw a large group of them high in the cliff side, but they were too far away to photograph with the lens I had in hand, and I was not going to wait until they made their way down- I was hungry, remember?

This was a great hike and I am so pumped up for future ones!


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