Baby Boy Carters haul
Hello Friends! We are on the home stretch until our baby boy arrives and one of the many basics we have to have for him is clothing. After waiting many months to start shopping, one day I started freaking out a little that I may not have enough clothes, so […]

Baby Boy Carters Haul

32 Week Pregnancy Update
Hello Friends! After a very busy 31st week, the 32nd week was like a walk in the park with some Halloween decorating and more preparation for birth. I can’t believe we are so close to meeting this little guy and in some levels it’s just hitting me now that I […]

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Hi Friends! We recently spent a few days in the city of Seattle and although I was busy with Click Away most of the time, I managed to capture our last day in Seattle when we were mostly sightseeing. Now a little word of forewarning, this is a very mellow […]

How to spend a day in Seattle

31 weeks update 2
Hello Friends! If you read the 29 week update, you know that a lot was going on before our trip to Washington. I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, was measuring 3 weeks ahead of my gestational date and had switched to a new OB doctor. It was a full […]

Pregnancy 30 and 31 Weeks Update

img_4899 2
We just came back from Washington State and had such a great time in the Olympic National Forest. What a beautiful place! If you stalk, I mean follow, some creatives from the Pacific Northwest Coast, you know about the lush greenery, the ever present fog and rain. The whole place […]

3 Things to Do in the Olympic National Forest

Shanghai, China, Asia, Travel, The Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, French Concession, Yu Garden
My last destination in China was Shanghai. Shanghai felt very different from Beijing. It felt European and cosmopolitan. There are old parts, but it is also very modern and hip. If you have a day or two in this city, here are: 3 things to do in Shanghai   Stroll the Bund […]

China: 3 Things to Do in Shanghai

I mentioned before on this post that I happened to be in Japan, South Korea and China during the 70th Year Celebration of the end of World War II. For someone with very little knowledge of Asia’s involvement in the war, the whole experience was eye-opening. Not only to learn […]

China: Military Parade

5 Things to do in Xi'an
If you have time to travel around China, one of the places you should include in your list is the city of Xi’an. Here are my top 5 Things to Do in Xi’An: Visit the Terracota Army Museum If there is one thing that you must not miss in Xi’an is the […]

5 Things to Do in Xi’An, China

29 week 4
Hello friends! I can’t believe how busy the 29th week of pregnancy has been. A few new symptoms and two major changes have made this the most event full week of this pregnancy, so let’s get started: Symptoms: I have been feeling stronger Braxton Hicks contractions. They are coming more […]

Pregnancy 29 Week Update