Like many travelers, I enjoy taking the path less traveled, finding connection with locals and discovering neighborhood gems. But like many travelers, sometimes I allow myself to be merely a tourist, taking the easier route and going on a guided tour or two as long as they are small and […]

Being a tourist in Rio de Janeiro

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On our last day in Paraty, we decided to take it easy with a boat ride, spending time with family. We were all quite tired the day after my brother’s wedding because as anyone over 30 knows, recovering from a night of partying is not as easy as it used to […]

Last day in Paraty

My brother's wedding 2
Our main event for this trip to Brazil was my brother’s wedding that was taking place in Paraty. We knew it was going to be quite a family gathering and a beautiful wedding, but we had no idea how busy we were going to be in the days surrounding the […]

My brother’s wedding

6 months baby update, Roark, parenting, baby update, baby, boy 2
This 6 months baby update is a little late since we were traveling in Brazil and I just didn’t get the chance to do it before we left. Roark turned six as we were traveling and it seems like the past 2 months have been the ones he has developed […]

6 Months Baby Update

The day after we arrived at the historic town of Paraty, we spent the day going to a nearby beach accessible by a short hike. The beach was small, secluded and deserted, a stark contrast to the sprawling and busy Copacabana beach. If you haven’t read about our first days […]

Paraty, Cachaça Maria Izabel and Trindade

Traveling to Rio with a baby started a little shaky as we missed our flight out of Denver and almost missed our flight again out of Miami, but in hindsight it was actually a lot easier than we thought. Our trip to Brazil this year was a mix of family/attending […]

Traveling to Rio with a Baby

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Can someone pinch me? It’s time for Roark’s 5 months update! If you new here, be sure to check out previous posts on his birth, my birth story and previous updates here and here. How is it that when you want time to go faster it never does, but when […]

Roark’s 5 Months Update

Spring Haul for Moms
Hello friends! I am not sure if I should be doing a post for Spring Haul for Moms because for the past few days it has felt like fall around here. It’s been grey, chilly and raining. Nothing like May should feel like in my opinion. But regardless of what […]

Spring Haul for Moms

Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months, Favorite Baby products from Birth to 3 months, baby, parenting, tips, tricks, product review, baby essentials, what you need for baby
Before having a baby I knew nothing of the vast world of baby products. I mean nothing! I thought I would be able to get by with a crib, a car seat, clothes, diapers, wipes and the boob. And although these things are super important, they are really just the […]

Favorite Baby Products for Birth to 3 Months