birth story 2
Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful end of 2016. We enjoyed spending time with family and starting new traditions with our little one. As you can imagine, the unexpected arrival of our little man combined with the holidays have thrown us for a spin. It’s been really busy […]

Birth Story + Meet My Baby

birth 8
You may have noticed that no updates have been posted lately and that is because we welcomed our little one into the world unexpectedly 3 weeks early on Thanksgiving. So much for my “feeling” that he would need to be induced because he was so comfortable in the womb. Ha! […]

Our baby boy’s birth!

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update
Hello Friends! This week was another busy one. I feel like they all have been since I entered the third trimester. It’s like all of the sudden we are on overdrive and under a deadline. I guess that is pretty true, considering that at 36 this baby could decide to […]

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Hello friends! As I mentioned on my last pregnancy update, I altered a recipe for this popular and easy dessert to be low carb and gestational diabetes friendly. But since I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, please use your own judgement and seek the advice of a professional […]

Low Carb Chocolate Delight

35 weeks pregnancy update
Hello Friends! We are fast approaching our due date and the anticipation to meet our sweet little one is killing me. Last week’s down spell has been lifted, but the feeling of “Ok, this has gone on for long enough already!” has only been building up.   35 Weeks Pregnancy […]

35 Weeks Pregnancy Update

34 Weeks Pregnancy Update
Hello Friends! Oh Boy! This was another busy week. We had not one, but two baby classes!!! I was also feeling under the weather and really tired. Maybe I am hitting the point where I am ready to have this baby!   34 Weeks Pregnancy Update Here are some things […]

34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby Boy Shower Haul
Hi friends! This video has been a long time coming. I had several issues with filming it in natural light and ended up with a little bit of a grain, specially towards the end, but hopefully it does the trick. When we first announced we were pregnant to our families, […]

Baby Boy Shower Haul

Hello Friends! This week has been a busy one with doctor’s appointments and lots of running around getting a few more things for the nursery. I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner! This year has flown by. Soon will be Thanksgiving in the U.S. and shortly after Christmas. […]

33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby Boy Carters haul
Hello Friends! We are on the home stretch until our baby boy arrives and one of the many basics we have to have for him is clothing. After waiting many months to start shopping, one day I started freaking out a little that I may not have enough clothes, so […]

Baby Boy Carters Haul